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A Song to Sympathize with the Devil is short story by Lionel Suggs; started publication in 2012 and publised early 2014.

A Song to Sympathize with the Devil (Content Page)

Synopsis[edit | edit source]

"The Morning Star" Lucifer Phosphorus has finally regained his lost light, and has declared war against his brother and his father. He has devised a well thought-out plan, trapping both the Right Hand (Michael) and the Left Hand (Gabriel) in Hell. Melissa De La Cruz was sent to purge to all Earths of all existences and nonexistence, merely to lure Viola Descendingskies out. The Right Seats have been locked in Heaven, due to Lucifer's influence. It is here, they are to be purged by The Left Hands. Lucifer himself has confronted God – Elohim Allah in the nexus of all realities, timelines, interpreting dimensions, worlds, and planes.

It's time for the awakening of Daybreak's Bell...to play a song to sympathize with the Devil.

The Story (spoilers)[edit | edit source]

To be written...

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