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“Why do I exist?” [[File:{{{image 2}}}|210px|]]

“Why do I exist?”
Photo Novel Heir to the Stars: Chris Raion Spades
Physiology Masculine Principle
Height 5'9
Weight 176 lbs.
Eye Color Black
Hair Color Red
Age Fully Transcendent
Birth Date Fully Transcendent
Birth Place Unknown
Status Fully Transcendent
Gender Male
Family Eve (Mother),

Adam (Father), Seth (Sister), Cain (Brother)

Love Interests None
Affiliation None
Tier Unknown

Abel is a character that appears in Heir to the Stars: Chris Raion Spades. He is one of the sons of Eve.


Abel is introduced in the third chapter. When Chris Spades and Fallen arrived at their destination, which was a room of no dimensions, and no space-time, Abel was there to confront them. The only thing that he sought was a meaning for his existence. However, he was unable to grasp his power, and his confusion towards his existence was making things worse. The Alphaverse itself was falling to his might.

Powers and Abilities

Abel is a child of Eve, existing above any Allscape level of power.

Alphaverse Level Power: Abel was able to annihilate the entirety of the Alphaverse, placing him above any Allscape in terms of power.

Fully Transcendent: During the fight with Abel and Fallen, they stood before Chris Spades suspended in animation, suspended in reality. The reality behind the suspended scene presented both of them fighting within every dimension of the space-time continuum, in every aspect, in all levels infinitely, endlessly, and before information and instantaneous could process. They encompassed the immanent, transcendent, and the beyond. They encompassed the transcendent realities that encompassed the infinite. Their mere thoughts were collapsing the entirety of the Alphaverse.

All-Destruction: Abel is able to unleash a nonexistent wave that possessed every single destructive ability, power, energy, function, possibility (even those that were zero and beyond infinite) and phenomena onto Fallen.