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Adélaïde Amarante
“I already know why you are here.” Trident.jpg

“I already know why you are here.”
Photo Novel Heir to the Stars: The Unwritten Chapters
Physiology Unquantifiable
Height 5'5
Weight 106
Eye Color Hazel
Hair Color Blonde
Age Inapplicable
Birth Date Inapplicable
Birth Place Unknown
Status Fully Transcendent
Gender Female
Family Telestria (Daughter),

Sarathina (Daughter)

Love Interests Christopher Sincere Pride
Affiliation Christopher Sincere Pride, Amenonuhoko
Tier Unknown

Adélaïde Amarante first appears in Swan Song, and then later in the series Heir to the Stars - The Unwritten Chapters. She is one of the eighteen ultimate soulmates of the main protagonist: Christopher Sincere Pride.

She is a member of Amenonuhoko (Heavenly Spear), the successors to Zangestu.


Swan Song[]

Trident was introduced in Swan Song, standing in the center of all Infinity with a smirk on her face as she was.

Heir to the Stars - The Unwritten Chapters[]

Adel later makes her appearance in the second volume of Heir to the Stars - The Unwritten Chapters, which also takes place during Pharos of the End.

During the events of Pharos of the End, Sincere stepped outside of the Story in order to find the ‘Self’ that he had left with Adel.

Somewhere within a closed dimension, in a park that was lush orange, decorated with the scent of vanilla, and painted with a sky of silver, Lionel appeared next to the marble bench that Adel was reading her book on. Sincere asks for his "Self" back, but Adel is unwilling to give Christopher Sincere Pride his 'Self' due to his own weakness.

Powers and Abilities[]

Absolute Resistance | Invincibility | Immortality: Trident is immune to conceptual attacks against her existence.

All-powerful: Trident holds unchallenged authority and power.

Trident made it that her existence could not be known by material means. No sentient being, concept, or phenomena within the Absolute Infinite could be made conscious of her. Trident is the very consciousness and being of all infinite phenomena.

Trident is the force behind the natural and supernatural changes within the structures of all realities.

Trident encompasses an Absolute Infinite amount of Omniverses, yet she was not restricted to the usual dimensional perspectives of being. Everything and anything within the absolute infinite stretch of Existence and Nonexistence is and has always been Trident.

Water Deities: Trident created typhoon structured deities of water that also encompassed the entirety of infinite Omniverses. These deities of water created giga-structure tsunamis of absolute force. The tsunamis were far greater than infinity, and ripped apart the infinite and the endless.

Powers and Abilities II[]

Adel operates on a realm outside of the influence of ♠The Ace of Spades♠.

Book of the Moon[]

Trident is the holder of the Book of the Twilight: Shakti (Energy and Power). This grants her the power which was the capacity to make the impossible possible. In other words, she can turn impossible Suggslogic into possible Suggslogic.

Ultimate Soulmate[]

Adel is one of Christopher Sincere Pride's ultimate soulmates.

Due to Sincere's unique existence, he possesses within him Seven Twin flames. These Seven Twin Flames are literally the other half of his soul. Each twin is a complete soul, not half a soul. This union of two completes each other, making them whole. Each one of Sincere's ultimate soulmates are synchronized with the 'frequency' of his entire existence. They are one with all of his essence. It's the Ultimate Union of Love.

She holds his "Self", which is something that he removed from himself in order to protect himself.


Adélaïde (Adel) Amarante is the mother of Telestria and Sarathina.