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Adam Conquest
“Are we going to conquer together then?” [[File:{{{image 2}}}|210px|]]

“Are we going to conquer together then?”
Photo Novel Heir to the Stars: Adam Conquest
Physiology Unknown
Height 5'10
Weight 190 lbs.
Eye Color Brown
Hair Color Black
Age Unknown
Birth Date Unknown
Birth Place Unknown
Status Existing
Gender Male
Family Unknown
Love Interests Unknown
Affiliation None
Tier Unknown

Adam Conquest is a character that appears in Heir to the Stars: Adam Conquest.


Heir to the Stars: Adam Conquest[]

Adam Conquest is introduced in the story in battle with Yukihiko Higetsu. At this point in the story, all realities had aligned, and everything was now at the End of all Time. Adam Conquest explained that he understood that he had no purpose in life. Because of that, he was searching for one. In order to find a purpose in life, he needed to stop this event. Because Yukihiko Higestu felt as if this was God's Will, for everything to end, he could not allow Adam Conquest to persist with his journey.

Leonardo LionHeart appeared before Adam Conquest soon afterwards, introducing himself as someone that could help him find a meaning in life. Leonardo LionHeart pulled out the Horn of Gabriel, explaining that this would stop the End of Time event. As the two were in conversation, 6.6 tredecillion Paracletes appeared, only for Leonardo to effortlessly erase them all. Leonardo then declared that he would test the valor of Adam Conquest, which would lead to Adam Conquest suffering his first defeat at the hands of Leonardo LionHeart.

Adam Conquest would meet up with Keith Jericho and Shamshir, both who revealed to have the Sword and Scythe of Death respectively. Both of them explained that they had to defeat Death in order to gain the weapons. At this point, 87.9 quindecillion Undertakers appeared to challenge the Trio.

Later down the line, Adam Conquest was found in conversation with Sign. The battle would then tip off without warning, with both being equal in all statistics. Adam Conquest had his Fragarach to multiply Sign’s defenses by zero and allowed any attack of effect to bypass all of Sign’s defenses and strike him directly. His power of Absolute Hot sealed Sign’s fate.

Adam Conquest would instantly confront Siegfried Licht, explaining to Adam Conquest that everyone coming at him at this point was here to retrieve the Horn of Gabriel that was destined to be given to him. Despite a long battle, Siegfried was taken out by Alex Victory "The World Champion". At that point, Alex Victory "The World Champion" would challenge Adam Conquest.

By the end of the story, Adam Conquest would not find a reason to exist, nor would he be able to stop The End of Time event, which was never really specified. In fact, the plot ended. It was as if a higher power decided to end the story without a conclusion.

Heir to the Stars III[]

Adam Conquest makes a brief appearance in Heir to the Stars III. During the battle between Heir to the Stars – Arche and Alex Victory, Alex Victory would alter the plot, having Heir to the Stars - Arche break the reality of Adam Conquest – Pendulum Kingbreaker.

Powers and Abilities[]

Dynamis: Through this ability, he is allowed to wield the Ten Commandments.

  • Fragarach: Adam Conquest generates and gathers all of the wind around his Fragarach sword. In the moment that he draws out this blade, his opponent's defenses are multiplied by zero. When he attacks with this sword, the wind, which moves at infinite speeds, makes sure to not even leave a single particle left of his target. He can also simply choose to simply swing his blade, which causes a wind blade to slash his target from every possible angle at once, bypassing defenses and ending the target's existence.
  • Tyrfing: Adam Conquest’s Tyrfing alters the very fabrics of reality, possibility, potentiality, and infinite future phenomena so that he always has 100% accuracy. His attacks could never miss. The attacks of this sword sends his target into nothingness.
  • Hauteclere: This sword is able to create an atmospheric discharge of electricity combined with antiparticles. This sword can fire 999,999,999,999 googolplex leader lightning bolts at its target that all travel at a level beyond the necessity of change, beyond the scope of infinity itself. Each bolt can reduce a target into Nothingness.
  • Caladbolg: With this sword, Adam Conquest can attack his target before time, reality, and actuality could process with an almost infinite number of slashes. His Caladbolg attacks the mind and soul of his target with the primordial power of the Big Bang! When he used this, the entirety of the infinite universe was completely annihilated on a quantum level. He is also able to attack a target's mind, body and soul with the power of the Big Bang.
  • Claiomh Solais: Adam Conquest’s Claiomh Solais is able to scorch and unmake the essence of a target with light. It swings at constant speed, and it is far faster than conventional light, but can it also command the world seen by the eyes.
  • Durlindana: He is able to block a universal event from all angles with this sword.
  • Dyrnwyn: The Dyrnwyn slashes a target omnipresently, engulfing the target with the whitest of flames. The temperature was so hot that the complete physics, matter, energy, space-time, mass, concepts, essence and laws of the target dissipates, disperses and unmakes target within the white flames.
  • Brahmastra: With one swing, the Commandment denies everything until it cannot deny anymore.
  • The Suggs: This is the strongest Commandment that Adam Conquest possesses.

Enhanced Speed: He is able to break the lightspeed barrier. Within a matter of Planck time, he has shown that he can traverse over a sexdecillion amount of infinitely infinite Galaxies. He could break through infinity within the galaxy all in the mere process of Plank time. In one instance, Adam Conquest appeared behind his target in every possible way from every possible angle, hitting him with 7.7 undecillion slashes before an attosecond could process. Later, it was revealed that he is able to move before information, change, and any system of time could begin to advance. He could move with a system of haste outside of the level of presence and change.

Enhanced Resistance: When Adam Conquest's defenses were multiplied by 0, it didn't affect him. It was also shown several times that the destruction of an infinite universe on a quantum level does not affect him. Leonardo LionHeart shattered reality, and Adam was unaffected by reality's erasure.

Tier 7: Adam Conquest encountered over 6.6 tredecillion Paracletes, and he was able to resist the attacks from each one of them. Each one of them mentally erased Adam Conquest from all possible timelines and realities, as well as the core of his being, only for Adam Conquest to ignore it.

The 10 Commandments[]