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After Epilogue is short story that appears after Pharos of the End. This title written by Lionel Suggs was published in mid 2013.

After Epilogue (Content Page)


Through the travels of Lucifer Highlander, he went from writing events that were being presented to him by the little ebony cat, only to open up his eyes, to realize that it was merely a momentary dream. After finding the limits to power, he discarded himself. After finding the Xenogems, he discarded them. Nothing and All Possibility could not give him his answer. The truths within the Rabbit Hole could not give him his answer. Under the suggestion of The Chaos Queen, he discarded his essence, consciousness, and power. He tried to find meaning, and even an answer as a human. However, even that did not last. Only wanting to know if this was all simply a dream, Lucifer Highlander has finally decided to discard all ambitions and power, and find the Zero Genesis. If he can find the Zero Genesis, all of his answers may be revealed, or, he just may find himself stuck within the interlude of a returning daydream…

The Story (spoilers)[]

To be written...