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Alexander Birthright
"I’m sorry, but who are you again?" [[File:{{{image 2}}}|210px|]]

"I’m sorry, but who are you again?"
Photo Novel Swan Song,

Heir to the Stars: Overture

Physiology Fully Transcendent
Height 5'10
Weight 165 lbs.
Eye Color Brown
Hair Color Black
Age Ultimately Inapplicable
Birth Date Ultimately Inapplicable
Birth Place Unknown
Status Fully Transcendent
Gender Male
Family Alatheus Birthright (Father)
Love Interests None
Affiliation Gurētokyatto
Tier Unknown

Alexander Lion Birthright is a character that appears in Swan Song, and then later in Heir to the Stars: Overture. He is an Ace of Spades.


In Swan Song, Alexander Birthright appears in the "Work of Art" Chapters, after following the Little Ebony Cat to the Coliseum. It is here that he first encountered Red Devil Drei. During the battle, Alexander Birthright weakened himself in order to make his fight a bit more fair, not realizing that he had already been limited by The Chaos Queen. This only showed a testament of his lofty ego. After defeating Red Devil Drei, he was confronted by another Red Devil. Soon, the Little Ebony Cat guides him to “The Grim Reaper – Red Devil Vier, whom was explained as the most aggressive of the brothers. He takes lives first and doesn’t ask questions later. He is causing disorder within the time stream of the Omniversal continuum. The Little Ebony Cat told Alexander Birthright to stop him first, and then it would answer any questions that he had to ask. Soon after the battle with the Red Devil, the Little Ebony Cat explained its position. Then, it suggested that Alexander Birthright go and defeat Red Devil Fünf, the youngest of the Red Devils. When Alexander questioned as to why he should do as the cat asked, The Little Ebony Cat responded, "Because you have nothing better to do."

In Heir to the Stars: Overture, in the Realm of Kings, Alexander Birthright appeared before Athenaeus Timaeus, only for Athanaeus to question his existence. After offering him a deck of cards, in which Alexander drew the Ace of Spades, Athanaeus explained that Alexander Birthright had made the first move. Alatheus Birthright then appeared, introducing himself as Alexander's father. However, their meeting was not warm, as the two engaged in a vicious battle. At one point, Alatheus delivered a vicious punch that completely unmade not only the reality of Alexander Birthright and Felis Leo, but the reality behind their existence and essence in its complete totality. Alexander Birthright completely regenerated outside of all systems of the infinite scope, which annoyed Alatheus because Alexander was still relying on regeneration, when he should be above that. The battle continued between father and son, with the son being completely outmatched. The battle eventually concluded, but nothing is revealed about how.

Later on, Alexander Birthright confronted Praé, only to silently defeat her. Alexander Birthright held an unconscious Praé after her defeat, as the story shifted.

Powers and Abilities[]

In Swan Song, Alexander Birthright proved to an extremely powerful character.

Automatic Barrier: Alexander Birthright possesses an automatic Electromagnetic Field. He possesses a Plasma Orb Field surrounded with hundreds of plasma orbs that fill the airless area around Alexander Birthright. He possesses a Gravity Field. He also possesses a Vector Displacement Field that always surrounds Alexander Birthright. These four fields are always constantly surrounding his being. They have shown to be able to disperse an inifnite universe if necessary.

Vector Displacement Field: When Alexander Birthright was targeted internally, externally and mentally by dimension piercing lances, his vector field was able to cancel the attacks out. His field's ability to reflect vectors makes for an absolute defense.

1st String: Alexander Birthright can mentally manipulate the radiation that light interacts with to eject the atoms and molecules from a target, thus annihilating the target on a quantum level. The sheer explosion of this detonation stretches to a diameter of 13 light-years.

2nd String: Alexander Birthright is able to generate a burst of electromagnetic radiation by vibrating the magnetic field around the body of his target.

3rd String: Alexander Birthright is able to produce damaging electrical currents of macro proportions. These electrical currents move at the speed of light.

Dimension Manipulation: Alexander Birthright is able to utilize surges of electricity to bypass dimensional boundaries.

Enhanced Reactions: He was shown to be able to react to a centillion amount of punches in half of an attosecond.

Enhanced Resistance: He was able to stand within temperatures that would have eliminated the entirety of a mathematical infinite universe. He is also immune to deconstruction effects. He is immune to space-time slashes.

Absolute Regeneration | Absolute Immortality: Because of his pride, he is unable to die or cease to have ever existed. He states that because he is too lazy to cease to exist, he never will. One time, he literally stepped out of nonexistence instead of regenerating.

High-energy Photons: He is able to produce both radioactive decay and particle–antiparticle annihilation onto a target on every level of reality, including imaginary ones.

Luminance: Alexander Birthright is able to easily bypass the mental barriers placed around the conscious of a target and emit waves to cunningly manipulate and control the electrical brain impulses of a target, thereby warping their perceptions of reality.

Exa-Antimatter Creation: By using electromagnetism in conjunction with the weak and strong nuclear force, Alexander Birthright creates and manipulates antimatter to extreme unquantifiable levels. By simply dropping the antimatter, it caused a chain reaction that broke through the very concept of infinity and tore through the reality of a conceptual target in every aspect.

Absolute Radiance: Alexander Birthright can generate radiance from his being, thus causing an intense rupture within time and space along the dimensional spatial axis of the Omniverse.

  • Radiant Waves: Alexander Birthright can release a wave of radiant energy that completely unmakes the existence of conceptual quantum existences on all levels of reality.
  • Laser Emission: Alexander Birthright is able to fire extra-dimensional lasers that move at the speed of maximum accelerating tachyons.
  • Rays of Light: Alexander Birthright can emit thin rays of light, attacking a target at a speed faster than accelerating tachyons on an extra-dimensional conceptual level.
  • Extra-dimensional High Energy Photons: Alexander Birthright can mentally pull down extra-dimensional high energy photons onto a target. This produced both infinite level radioactive decay and particle–antiparticle annihilation on all levels of existence, infinitely unmaking the complete conceptual existence of the target.

All-light: Alexander Birthright can command an infinite amount of extra-dimensional photons to surround a target; each one of them transcending the necessity of presence, completely unmaking the complete quantum conceptual existence of the target.

The End of Infinity: Before information itself could process, Alexander Birthright alters the infinite scope of all systems of phenomena--even those with probabilities as low as below absolute 0. He starts channeling energy from the infinite universes, infinite Many-worlds interpretations, infinite M-theories, infinite parallel universes, infinite alternate timelines, infinite quantum universes, infinite pocket universes, infinite dimensions, infinite realities, infinite planes of existence, infinite Metaverses, infinite Teraverses, infinite Petaverses, and infinite Exaverses; thus generating the End of Infinity Effect. He becomes encased with radiance and stardust that was connected with all trans-concepts. His energy was completely outside of the abstract itself. Alexander Birthright unleashes the End of Infinity Effect onto his target. Alexander Birthright creates an attack in the form of a lion made out of pure light. Once his attack hits, it ignites an attack with the different laws of physics, probabilities, and effects of all infinitely infinite ensemble of realities; the Omniverse. The possibilities of the effects infinitely and instantly continued to go on in the most likely and least likely and impossible directions, thus creating a transfinite amount of possibilities and effects. Any and all trans-conceptual attacks and effects were unmaking his target's complete existence. The effect cannot be stopped, nor can it be avoided since it had already happened, is happening, and was fated to happen in every possible way, even before they existence was conceived.

New Light: Alexander can imprison a target within a space of absolute radiance. If the target breaks out of the space of absolute radiance, they will only to enter another echelon of the absolute light. It was explained that Omniscience and an infinite level of processing beyond the infinite scope is what one would call imperfect. Alexander Birthright created a new type of energy that exists above and outside of the infinite scope. By channeling the energy from the Road to Tomorrow, Alexander Birthright emitted a highly intense burst of radiance that completely unmade the complete existence of the Allscape altogether before an instant could even imagine to process. This of course makes it that his target's existence is completely unmade and never conceived at all.

In Heir to the Stars: Overture (and post) he no longer needs powers or abilities, for he is above them all. However, before he reached his status as Ace of Spades, he demonstrated a few powers:

Lightning Manipulation: Alexander Birthright can discharge a lightning bolt, powerful enough of annihilating an infinite Omniverse. However, it was then revealed that all hierarchies of The Allscape, as well as all infinite Omniverses in the neighboring Allscape were unmade completely, never existing at all. All of this from a single bolt of lightning. 

Absolute Immortality: Alatheus Birthright firmly used a vicious punch that completely unmade not only the reality of Alexander Birthright and Felis Leo, but the reality behind their existence and essence in its complete totality.      Alexander Birthright instantly and completely regenerated outside of all systems of the infinite scope.

Absolute Strength: When he demonstrated every single martial art move ever conceived and the infinite amount never even imagined, with each move, an infinite Omniverse collapsed.

Unchanging: Alexander reached a level where he had become unchanging.

Dual Existence[]

Alexander Birthright - Felis Leo.jpg

Alexander Birthright shares a dual existence with Felis Leo. Felis Leo is a Great Cat that has transcended the bounds of time, space, and causality.

The Little Ebony Cat and The Chaos Queen explained that this dual existence is known as their "Pride" and represents the transcendent existences that appear in the form of Great Cats that follows alongside each of the Gurētokyatto (Great Cat).

Each Great Cat follows a certain Gurētokyatto member everywhere and anywhere within and outside of the Continuum. They are physically, mentally, spiritually, temporally, dimensionally, and conceptually linked with their specific masters. They are the very soul and core of their masters. However, they are separate from their masters too. This means that if you erase their master, it will not affect their Pride, since they do not exist within the confines of time, space, nature, causality, physical law and reality.

By the events of Heir to the Stars: Overture, Felis Leo has reached the level of The Ace of Spades.