Angelica Blackberry
Angelica Blackberry
“Alright you two, step back.”
Photo Novel Solecism
Physiology Unknown
Height 5'3
Weight 110 lbs.
Eye Color Violet
Hair Color Violet
Age 23
Birth Date Sven 82
Status Unknown
Gender Female
Family None
Love Interests None
Affiliation Blue Rose
Angelica Blackberry is a Waker that appears in Solecism. She is a member of Blue Rose.


Angelica Blackberry appears in the first volume of Solecism.

She appears with Toby in order to remove a Contradiction from the world, dismissing Sincere and Lamont in the process. However, a disagreement occurs, which leads to a clash between Blue Rose and the brothers.

Powers and AbilitiesEdit

Regeneration: Angelica was deconstructed by the strings of reality, only to unconsciously reconstruct herself from nothingness.

Dragon Palm Thrust: It's a technique that she utilizes on a Contradiction.

Divine Enchantments: She seems to be skilled in this field. Through her divine enchantments, she is able to extract those who have fallen asleep from the world.

Enhanced Speed: At first, Angelica broke the sound barrier, causing a sonic boom to cover over 30 miles, collapsing most of the area. Then, she moved at a speed of Mach 45 in order to kick Lamont, only to receive the effects of the kick herself.

Blue Frame: Each member of Blue Rose possesses a Rest Frame (a quantum gravitational field that resets the world line of a target or event to 0). The world line of an object is the unique path of that object as it travels through 4-dimensional space-time. It encompasses a large area of space-time and absolute position states — to reveal the nature of special relativity or gravitational interactions. They are a fundamental way of representing the course of events. To put it simply, a world line is the sequential path of personal human events (with time and space as dimensions) that marks the history of a person — starting at the time and space of one's alpha point until one's omega point. The world line is a form of quantum superposition.

Frozen Flame: It is the source of her power.

The Observer Effect: This is the ability to change phenomena being observed. This ability allows one to alter the state of what they measure. On this scale, one can choose to merely deny the existence of phenomena. One does not even have to consciously observe the event or phenomena to deny it.

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