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Angelica Heavensend
"Are you talking to yourself again?” [[File:{{{image 2}}}|210px|]]

"Are you talking to yourself again?”
Photo Novel Solecism
Physiology Ultra Vires
Height 5'6
Weight 118 lbs.
Eye Color Blue
Hair Color Platinum Blonde
Age Inapplicable (Fully Transcendent)
Birth Date Inapplicable (Fully Transcendent)
Birth Place Unknown
Status Fully Transcendent
Gender Female (Agender)
Family None
Love Interests Christopher Sincere Pride
Affiliation Contra Legem
Tier Unknown

Angelica Heavensend is an Ultra Vires that appears in Solecism.


Angelica Heavensend first appears in the second volume of Solecism. She appears, scolding her (then) husband, and forcing him to come back home.

In Part VII: Returning Daydream, Angelica had become convinced that her husband had lost his mind. She had become determined to drag her husband back into sanity. Sincere had lost his sense of direction, unable to see the opening door. However, through Angelica’s persuasive words, she had convinced Sincere that he needed to continue what he was originally doing, and that is waking up those who have fallen asleep. With the strength to continue on walking down the road to tomorrow, a new door had opened up.

Powers and Abilities[]

Angelica Heavensend is an Ultra Vires (Beyond Powers). She is many magnitudes above Omnipotence, Omnipresence, and Omniscience. However, she simply appears as a mere woman.


  • Angelica and Lamont were originally married when the series was introduced, but after Lamont ascended into his true form, he discarded his story in relation to Angelica and Hope. In other words, they were never married and they never had a son, which is revealed by Angelica.