Anger the Red
Anger the Red
“Though you are a part of the union of Nothing and the All, you are but one small piece of the puzzle within it."
Photo Novel Chasing Glory
Physiology Fully Transcendent
Height Inapplicable
Weight Inapplicable
Eye Color Inapplicable
Hair Color Inapplicable
Age Fully Transcendent
Birth Date Fully Transcendent
Status Fully Transcendent
Gender Agender
Family Inapplicable
Love Interests None
Affiliation Titans Tomorrow
Anger the Red is an Old God that appears in the Glory of the Defeated series. He is one of the Titans Tomorrow.


Anger the Red first appears in Chasing Glory, appearing before Belle. He explained to her that although she was a part of the union of Nothing and the All, she was one small piece of the puzzle within it. She could not be equated with the Cat in the Magisterium, nor could she possess power that can go above the Cat in the Magisterium. He explained to her that she had the potential for perfection, but she was not the totality of Existence, nor was she above the Absolute Infinite and its hierarchies. Anger the Red stepped into the existence of being the sum total of the Omniverse. Everything in the Omniverse was within the Mind of Anger the Red, for he was the All. Since the All can be looked at as the Mind itself, he was the function behind the workings of the Omniverse and all of its phenomena. Everything within infinity, within the union of Nothing and All were simply a part of Anger the Red’s psychological makeup, representing all parts of Anger the Red. Then, Anger the Red stepped above the Omniverse, above all Existence and Nonexistence, while still permeating everything within it. However, Belle was able to quantify and delete his existence, completely.

Powers and AbilitiesEdit

Anger the Red is a member of the Titans Tomorrow. The Ultimate, the Absolute Infinite, the Transcendent, Existence, Being itself, or the ground of being simply can not equate to what Anger the Red unchangingly represents.

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