Suggsverse Wiki

Ansho is the state of no context, no narrative, no rhetoric, no subjectivity, no metaphor, no definition, no transcendence, no ground zero, no freedom, no Creation, and no Suggs.

There is no concept of Ansho, as Ansho has no meaning, nor can it attach itself to meaning. It does not stand on a level of equality with respect to any category. One cannot know Ansho, and one cannot know of Ansho.

Totality, Possibility, Nothingness, and Beyond the Beyond are all equal in establishing a foundation or principle of Ansho. It is “the” unwritten ignorance that escapes all narratives, and yet, it is where all beyond all (eradicating paradoxical barriers and logic gates) must return to at the end of their never-ending eternity.

Having no content on Ansho, we must in turn, to some extent, think of Ansho symbolically. In Creation, there is a concept known as Death, which is the cessation of the living. Beyond that, there is Nothingness, which is the absence of existing. To those that sit outside of reality, beyond existence and nonexistence, true eternalism freedom from the constraints of all cosmic narratives and a personal, impersonal, and transpersonal author; Ansho is that which will come to them – the opening door.

In mortal terms, what if you could kill The True Omnipotence, where would that Omnipotence go? What if you could erase True Nothingness, where would Nothingness go? ♠THE ACE OF SPADES♠, what if ♠THE ACE OF SPADES♠ was removed from itself, then what is it? Ansho sits as the unwritten unknowable opening door, like a waking narrator ready to change the narrative on even the most impassable undisputed tiers. And still, Ansho remains, while everything else simply makes their way to it, unknowingly.