Apocalypse Tel Megiddo
Apocalypse Tel Megiddo is the actuality of the principle - Apocalypse. It is the embodiment of Revelations. It is Armageddon. It first appears in the series Solecism.


Apocalypse Tel Megiddo makes its first appearance in the ninth volume of Solecism. Apocalypse Tel Megiddo descended onto Earth. At the same time, Apocalypse Tel Megiddo appeared within all quantum configurations of Earth. Then, the event of the Apocalypse began.

Powers and AbilitiesEdit

Apocalypse Tel Megiddo, being the actuality of the Apocalypse itself, possesses great power.


- Apocalypse Tel Megiddo created air pressure to create a massive tornado covering all of Earth, destroying all life on Earth immediately.

- In another dimension, Apocalypse Tel Megiddo erased the souls of every sentient force on Earth.

- In another dimension, with different laws of physics, Apocalypse Tel Megiddo covered the entire world in total darkness – Negative Energy.

- In another dimension, Apocalypse Tel Megiddo lowered the temperature of the planet, freezing the whole planet due to a temperature of Absolute Zero.

- In another dimension, Apocalypse Tel Megiddo burned off the Earth's atmosphere completely.

- In another adjacent dimension, Apocalypse Tel Megiddo landed on Earth, instantly wiping out everything on the surface of Earth immediately.

- Apocalypse Tel Megiddo raised his hand in another dimension, causing an electromagnetic pulse, reducing all life on the planet to its most base levels.

- In another parallel dimension, Apocalypse Tel Megiddo used sheer will to erase all life (souls and minds) of every living organism, being and creature within the Galaxy. 

- In another adjacent dimension, the mere voice of Apocalypse Tel Megiddo sang a frequency that completely reduced all planets within the Universe to mere rubble and debris.

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