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"Like any religion, the beliefs can tend toward ascending or descending ends. In this case, it is better to reign in evil, than it is to ignorantly bathe in benevolence. Once you attempt to set up a legend like this to explain the necessity of evil, you welcome the ones with the most open minds to worship it."

Dormire Leone

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Apologia Auctoris is a ministry of The Church of Necessary Evil that appears in the title under the same name.

Apologia Auctoris is a special ministry of The Church of Necessary that has no pretenses of being anything other than... well, evil. There is nothing reasonable about their reasons for acting... except necessary evil. In the most respectable sense, these are a set of individual "Card-Carrying Villains" that refers to themselves as evil. Their very core and actions are necessarily evil. Despite how they appear, to all observers, this ministry as a whole are dissolute, dissipated, degenerate, depraved; absoluteluy "decadent" — to such an extent that every thing they touch becomes corrupted. They are responsible for tipping the scale of Omnibenevolence and Omnievil... in a heavily weighing favor of Evil.


Dormire Leone (The Eparch)

Re del Mondo (The Patriarch)

Croce di Pietro (The Cardinal of the West)

Tlahuizcalpantecuhtli (The Cardinal of the South)

La Regina della Tempesta (The Major Archbishop)

Nazan Cadenza (The Priest)

Sadira Galadriel (The Cardinal-Bishop of the East, The Cardinal-Bishop of the North)


The mission of Apologia Auctoris is that of The Church of Necessary Evil.

There is a mystical balance that needs to be maintained in existence, and while the principles of Benevolence and Evil are not seen as important to Possibility and Nothingness, they are. These are the principles that create judgment, that create meaning, that establishes purpose. To The Church of Necessary Evil, the principle of evil is not a negative means to a positive end or even a negative means to a justifiable end; to the church, evil is the means and the end, the motivation, and the justification. Evil is a necessity, because in the end, in order to defeat evil, one becomes evil, leaving only evil.