Ashleigh Brilliant
Ashleigh Brilliant
“Um... Nope!”
Photo Novel Solecism
Physiology Human
Height 5'5
Weight 119 lbs.
Eye Color Brown
Hair Color Red
Age 18
Birth Date Syxx 2
Status Unknown
Gender Female
Family None
Love Interests None
Affiliation Period
Ashleigh Brilliant is a character that appears in Solecism. She is a member of Period.


Ashleigh Brilliant appears in volume 2 of Solecism.

She appears, after April Moon is silenetly defeated by Sincere. She questions what his motives are, wanting to understand why he is attacking her comrades. However, once he explains that he agreed to protect Mother Mary, the discussion was over. Ashleigh decided to go at full force to put him down because of his involvement with Mother Mary.

Powers and AbilitiesEdit

Dark Matter: Ashleigh can apparently generate Dark Matter, but the extent of her abilities are never shown.

Enhanced Speed: According to Mother Mary, the entire fight with his group and Sincere lasted 0.005 attoseconds. This would make her Faster than Light by a large margin.