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Nightingale Astray
“I forgot that we ever met." April2.png

“I forgot that we ever met."
Photo Novel Rebirthing
Physiology Unquantifiable Reflection
Height 5'9
Weight 125 lbs (冕logic)
Eye Color Changing
Hair Color Blue with Purple Highlights
Age Theaphysical Meta-unquantifiable Impossibility
Birth Date Theaphysical Meta-unquantifiable Impossibility
Birth Place Unknown
Status Beyond the necessity of Existence and Nonexistence
Gender 獅Feminine Principle
Family None
Love Interests Unknown
Affiliation None
Tier Unknown

Nightingale Astray is an Unquantifiable Reflection that appears in the Rebirthing series. She is the First Mark.


Due to the increasing fluctuations of self-present paracharismas within the Suggsverse Cosmic Hierarchy, it was deemed necessary to establish an ensemble that would rid those that are collapsing the cosmic ladder.

In Book 1, The Song of Illdaunt appeared to take out the First Mark of the New Archives: Astray. Vjazerleisz the Dreadnought made her appearance, taking on Astray. However, the battle ended before it could ever begin.


Rebellion: Astray is a Top Tier Mark, assigned this class after the collapse of the Suggsverse. In fact, in the first chapter, she can be seen holding the Suggsverse within the palm of her hand.


To be written...

Powers and Abilities

  • Theaphysics Manipulation
  • Unicorns and Rainbows, Skulls and Crossbones Manipulation
  • Self-Existence/Self-Nonexistence
  • A Realm of 3 Rabbits
    The Arbitral Tribunal.jpg

1. The First Rabbit Head denies the Thing-in-itself (the target), not only denying that which was a beyond a transcendent actuality and its properties independent of any observer, but it denied the very philosophy and noumenon of (the target).

2. The Second Rabbit Head forces the AUM onto the target, forcing the target to meet face-to-face, shattering the mirror of itself. The Self of the reflection is higher than that which is being reflected, thus it creates a dominating resonance that denies self-enduring, self-eternal, self-sufficient cause of all causes, as well as self-essence. With the reflection shattered, logic, attributes and modes – from beyond [and that which encompasses the foundation before the reality of the True Truth of the transcendent and immanent ultimate reality] (the target).

3. The Third Rabbit Head, before even appearing, makes it that the reservoir of the actuality and the absolutely dominating unknowable, that which is called (the target)... never was and never could be.

Mirrored Existence

Nightingale Astray exists in a state of reflections. Each is a reflection of each other. Everything that defines one, defines the other. There is no difference. Astray mirrored herself eight times in order to find out the truth hidden within the truth. There are eight of them, which reflect from each other, continuing in an eternity of eight. Because of this aspect, none of them can truly be destroyed or perfectly erased... unless they are all affected and erased at the same time... which is in itself an impossibility, considering all other aspects of each of their existences.


  • Astray appears on Lkéaremnnixia, which is the 1st Fortress within the Suggsverse Cosmic Hierarchy, beyond all Floors.
  • From character modeling, Astray's Measurements are 32C-27-35.