“I usually don’t take advice from men who don’t show their faces to me.”
Photo Novel Chasing Glory
Physiology Unknowable Unquantifiable Uncertainty
Height 5'4
Weight 125 lbs.
Eye Color Brown
Hair Color Black
Age Inapplicable (Unquantifiable)
Birth Date Inapplicable (Unquantifiable)
Status Fully Transcendent (Unquantifiable)
Gender Female (Unquantifiable)
Family None
Love Interests Villain Descendingsword
Affiliation None

Belle is a primary Unknowable Unquantifiable Uncertainty that appears in the Glory of the Defeated series.


Belle is that of a transcendent unwritten, existing outside of the Plot / Story / Verse / Author, and therefore unable to be changed by forces within any context or paratext.

Belle appears in the Chasing Glory story, somewhere west of the Church of Lucifer. It was revealed that she was searching for the Virgin Artifacts. When the Gods decided to turn their back on existence and stop extending their blessings, her family were victims of the God’s selfishness. At first she was seeking revenge, but she felt powerless. Then, she sought justice. She started searching for the items that are above the union of Nothing and the All, above The Mainfold – the Virgin Artifacts. By acquiring these artifacts, she could achieve the level of The Ace of Spades.

In the main story, Belle finds herself facing off against Anger the Red, one of the Titans Tomorrow. She was able to quantify his existence, erasing him completely, which forced the materialization of one of the Virgin Artifacts. Because of this, she decided to start a path of erasing all Gods in order to force the materialization of the Virgin Artifacts. Pain the Principality soon appeared, seeking to avenge his comrade. Belle easily erased him, only for Villain Descendingsword to appear, surprised to see that she had been hiding her power. He handed her one of the Virgin Artifacts, but where he acquired it is unknown.

Powers and AbilitiesEdit

Belle is an unquantifiable being with unwritten power that can only grow exponentially with each passing moment. A testament to her power was when she was able to effortlessly defeat Anger the Red and Pain the Principality.

Eventually, it was revealed that she possesses an immeasurable amount of power. With every battle that she goes into, her powers heavily and vastly increase. When battling against Pain the Principality, her powers transcended above the Absolute Infinite. Her powers continuously grow even when she is not fighting. By the end of Chasing Glory, they were reaching towards a system beyond what’s already beyond The Mainfold. All algorithms point to her being an anti-equation for not only all levels of The Mainfold, but for all levels above the Road to Tomorrow. With each passing Planck period, her powers multiply many magnitudes of orders and degrees above infinity.

Enhanced Resistance: She is able to operate in temperatures lower than below Absolute Zero and a concept above higher than Planck Temperature.

Enhanced Endurance: Pain the Principality broke apart the binds that bound above infinite energies, completely converging them into a single point to ignite a Big Bang from within Belle, only for her to completely ignore its effects.

Algorithmic Matrix: Belle is able to create a simple algorithmic matrix, even with everything in the Omniverse being part of The All, it is possible that other things exist outside of The All. The All is simply on its own level of existence, with its own The All above it. It’s just like the Absolute Infinite. Although there is the Absolute Infinite, there are even greater levels of beyond it. She is able to use this logic to quantify and dispel targets of Absolute levels. The target does not deconstruct. The target does not wither away. The target does not return to dream’s end. The target does not become just a momentary gleam. The target does not disappear. The target simply never was…

Absolute Transcendence: Pain the Principality was able to fully encompass Belle, becoming more Belle than what Belle was. In fact, the Ultimate, the Absolute Infinite, the Transcendent, Existence, Being itself, or the ground of being simply could not equate to what Pain the Principality unchangingly represented. However, she was able to break free of his being, becoming independent of the union of Nothing and the All, independent of all levels of Infinity, independent from Existence, independent from the Most High, independent from the Ground State of Being, and independent from her own principle state.


  • In Chasing Glory, it was hinted that Belle and Villain Descendingsword may be involved in a romantic relationship.
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