In Heir to the Stars, those that are attributed to being "Beyond Time and Space" are those that do not exist within the limitations of the concept in "Metaphysics" and "Philosophy" about the properties of the universe. It is to be noted, that this does not mean that they are only beyond 4-D space, but they have long since surpassed the aspects of Time and Space (or said attributes and modes these dimensions never applied to them to begin with).

  • If any aspect of Time (whether on a quantum scale or macro scale) should stop then the character in question would not be affected.
  • If reality would be subject to change, the character in question would remember both the previous and have knowledge of differences from the old to the new.
  • If the realm in effect around the user would be vaporized or removed from reality, the character in question would not be affected since they don't exist inside space.
  • All characters have Invulnerability from cause and effect categories that are attached to history.
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