Bring Eternal Storms
Bring Storms
“As you know, none of us has actually denied you position of leader. If you want the position, then it’s yours. However, you need to start acting like a leader and make better judgment calls. Your eyes are very sharp, and yet you cannot see. That is a problem.”
Photo Novel Like Yesterday...
Physiology Pataphysical Quantum Uncertainty
Height 5'6
Weight 113 lbs
Eye Color Crimson
Hair Color Silver
Age Older than any conceptual theory of dimension
Birth Date Self-created
Status Unknown
Gender Titan-Female
Family Ultimately Inapplicable
Love Interests None
Affiliation Versus

Bring Storms "God of Divine Storm" is a mid Tier "2nd Floor" character that appears in Like Yesterday....


Bring Storms is a divine harbinger for destruction. With a past that is only shrouded in destruction, the God of Divine Storm has created a legacy of destruction that is legendary only in fame.


In Book 6, during the Trial for the Nine Themes of God, Bring Storms appeared at the end of eternity, hearing the Grand Orchestra of the White Crown. Her trial connected her with Iericho Maximum, as the two were forced to confront each other in order to pass the trial.

- To be Written...

Powers and AbilitiesEdit

Bring possesses command over Black Lightning. It is a special form of lightning that is empowered by forces outside of Narrative Causality and Actus Purus.

  • She is able to discharge a bolt of Black Lightning that strikes before potentiality can become actuality and vice-versa with the maximum output of infinite force and energy.
  • Her return strokes completely unmake her target's entire conceptual existence, including their consciousness, transconsciousness, and the absolute perfection of their being. Not even Nothing or Possibility is left or ever was…
  • The effects from the black electricity will static around her target's existence, forcing the target into a self-de-cancellation implosion.
  • She is able to violently force her palm into the chest of her target, creating a very intense Black Plasma Burst, removing said target from all theories of existence and nonexistence.
  • Bring Storms lifts her arm up, pointing into the Great Beyond. In that unchanging moment, an absolutely uncountably infinite amount of Black Lightning bolts, which are shaped as lion heads, roars down onto her target, removing the target from the union of Possibility and Nothingness. In absolute certainty, the target is erased from all traces of the story.
  • She is able to force Black Lightning to strike through the conceptual existence of her target in the form of stalagmites, multiplying the target's defenses and resistance level by a factor of zero. As the Black Lightning Stalagmites shatter, the electricity from them synchronizes with the absolute perfection of the Possibility and Nothingness of the target’s conceptual identity. The target is simply written out of the story, universally irreversibly unable to join the pages of Fiction, Meta-fiction, Fan-fiction, Trans-fiction, Personal Fiction, Impersonal Fiction, and Non-Fiction (and the absolute infinite multiplicity amount never mentioned or seen or even conceived of yet) ever again in Possibility or Nothing.

Meta-Presence: Bring Storms transcends the necessity to Act or use her Will.

  • It was shown that Bring Storms could out-presence Iericho Maximum before the metaphysical concept of Action or Change could process, discharging a bolt of Black Lightning that struck Iericho before potentiality could become actuality and vice-versa with the maximum output of infinite force and energy.
  • When Iericho Maximum transcended a level beyond the necessity of Omnipresence to strike Bring Storms with a fistful of stardust carrying more force and energy than the maximum output of an Infinity that transcended an absolutely infinite multiplicity, Bring Storms smiled, effortlessly surpassing his level, merely walking away from him, shattering his wings and existential conceptual being.

Averia's Subtle Touch: Bring Storms can easily negate "perfect regeneration" and remove a target's "infinite amount of stamina" from their conceptual existence. She can even distort one's ability to process any form of information or utilize any form of logic or metalogic.


- This profile only covers Book 6.

- Bring Storm possesses the 8th Theme of God - Lostsin Song

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