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Bryan Williams
“Heaven is nothing but a prison concept.” [[File:{{{image 2}}}|210px|]]

“Heaven is nothing but a prison concept.”
Photo Novel Solecism
Physiology Paradox
Height 6'1
Weight 179 lbs.
Eye Color Brown
Hair Color Black
Age Inapplicable
Birth Date Inapplicable
Birth Place Unknown
Status Exists and Nonexistent (simultaneously)
Gender Male
Family Lamont Heartfelt Vanity (Cousin),

Christopher Sincere Pride (Cousin),

Deneé Vainglory (Cousin)

Love Interests Unknown
Affiliation Mirage
Tier Unknown

Bryan Williams is the cousin of Christopher Sincere Pride and Lamont Heartfelt Vanity that appears in the series Solecism. He is also the leader of the Mirage.


Bryan Williams first appears in the first volume of Solecism III. 

The world is at peace. There is no savagery or murder. All species live out peaceful days of love, trust, happiness, and understanding -- in an overflowing abundance. It is Heaven on Earth. However, not all believe that Heaven should prosper. Bryan leads a group known as Mirage that believes that peace is an illusion, and that a Perfect Utopia should not exist. They have discarded their illusion of reality in order to wake the world up from its dream.

The year is 9413 A.C. (After Crisis) in the Silver Zero Calendar. All battles are over. All weapons have been discarded, and understanding between all species has surfaced. There are no longer any deterrent forces. The world is an ideal society possessing a perfect socio-politico-legal system. It is a land of idleness and luxury. All species live in a primitive and simple state, but at the same time one of perfect happiness and fulfillment. There is a perfect harmony between man and nature. All needs were few and all desires are limited. Motives for war or oppression do not exist. There is no need for hard and painful work. Stress and depression are absent. All species are simple and pious, and feel themselves close to the Gods.

When Bryan is first introduced, he is seen discussing with the rest of Mirage about their war on Honest, and about how to bring about the coming storm.

Bryan Williams also appears in the fifth volume of the Outer Roads, aiding his cousin Sincere on a quest to wake up Akasha.

Powers and Abilities[]

Bryan Williams is a master of illusions. His powers are so vast, that he can cast an illusion that can encompass all imaginary and real numbers, including all infinities and 0.

Illusion Creation: Bryan can simply cast an unknown unobservable illusion onto all imaginary and real numbers, transcending all transfinite numbers and going below 0. His influence can affect even Towers.

Quantum Gate Access: Bryan is able to jump through Quantum Gates in order to traverse time and space.

- Eventually, Bryan acquires instant point-to-point motion. In other words, he can move from one point of existence or nonexistence to another before the concept of cause and effect could change. To elaborate, Bryan could arrive at his destination before ever leaving his starting point.