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The White Night Phoenix
"Your girlfriend has been cornered by a mouse, while you have been caged in by the phoenix." [[File:{{{image 2}}}|210px|]]

"Your girlfriend has been cornered by a mouse, while you have been caged in by the phoenix."
Photo Novel Pharos of the End
Physiology White Night Phoenix
Height 5'9
Weight 198 lbs.
Eye Color Fiery Red
Hair Color White
Age Inapplicable
Birth Date Inapplicable
Birth Place Unknown
Status Ultimately Transcendent
Gender Agender
Family None
Love Interests None
Affiliation None
Tier Unknown

Caius Phoenix is the White Night Phoenix that appears in Solecism and Pharos of the End.


Through his authority, all of the great powers of Nonexistence and Existence were subjugated to The End that he established.

Since the birth of the union of Nothing and All Possibility, he has been in charge of bringing an Absolute End to all possible creations within an Ultimate Ensemble. When his flames appeared, they would erase all Laws. When his heat manifested, all Mystical Arcane Conceptions would be erased. At the doorstep of his presence, all of Life, which is a characteristic conception that distinguishes objects that have beckoning and self-sustaining processes from those that do not, would become erased.

At the door of his presence, all of Death (the conceptual end that eventually comes to all living things, ranging from single cell creatures, and perceptive mortal beings to the Omniverse itself) would simply vanish. Because both Life and Death would cease to have ever been immediately, there was no chance of escape. When his breath would start to manifest, Void (the embodiment of the nothingness from which everything came and will eventually return to) would have never existed. When his eyes would start to open, Eternity (the embodiment of the concept of time) would have never been conceived at all. When his eyes would start to see, Infinity (the embodiment the concept of space) would be a momentary gleam, and then not even a theoretical imaginary number. As his nose would start to breathe, Order, Chaos, all the opposing realities, all spectra and all scales of dualities and balance would simply be a passing reprieve in his mind. They would become something that never was, and never could be again.

The moment his fiery wings would appear, Necessity, Essence, Identify, Vengeance, and Equity would simply become 0. And then soon after that, even 0 would meet its end. And while all of this seems like The End, it was only the beginning. For on a smaller scale, his effects could be seen the moment he decided that it was time for the complete Ensemble to reach its end. In his first thought, he would diminish the synthesis between all concepts within all possible universes, ever. All would fall prey to their polar opposite through his thought. In this adjacent second though, the result of all psionic energy that exists, has existed, or ever will exist, would fall prey to nothingness. His authority was so great, that it even affected the smaller arcanes of Existence and Nonexistence. All anomalies (the exceptions to all things), Chaos, and Entropy would simply be zilch.

The lower dimensions would always have it the worse, for all Souls, all configurations of Time, all possibilities and modes of Space, all states of the Mind, all of Reality, and all Power and Energy that ever has or will exist, never existed to begin with. Caius Phoenix was The End; the complete absolute End to the term that defines EVERY real world, every fiction, every dimension, every realm, every transfinite number, every imaginary number, every plane of existence, and every universe ever. He was The End to all configurations of reality, all modes of possibility, and actuality. It never mattered if the totality of existence was simply part of The All, everything that existed outside of The All was consumed by his influence. In actuality, The All is just like us on its own level of existence, with its own The All above it. Caius Phoenix was the Be – All, End – All to THE ALL.

Caius Phoenix makes his first appearance in Solecism V - Prelude, erasing an Omniverse from existence, starting the chain of events that Christopher Sincere Pride and Lamont Heartfelt Vanity would have to go through.

Caius Phoenix appears again in Pharos of the End (4), confronting Mellie Alexandria. Mellie Alexandria found herself within emptiness; a complete nothingness outside of Existence and Nonexistence, only to stand before the White Night Phoenix. After small talk, it was revealed that Caius was tasked with bringing Mellie back to Heaven’s Storm, by force if necessary. In the end, he easily fell to Mellie Alexandria, without her so much as using an ounce of effort.

Caius Phoenix returns in Pharos of the End (9), appearing before Mark Pacheco, burning brilliantly behind Mark, yet encompassing the union of Nothing and All Possibility. Caius Phoenix pushed him to erase his sister, whom was the manifestation of Hope. Later, somewhere, outside of all infinite future phenomena, outside of all wave existences, and outside of all configurations of possibility, Swan Song and Caius Phoenix stood within a daunting inferno of transcendent light. The two recapped the events that were leading up to the conclusion of the story.

Powers and Abilities[]

See history.

Caius Phoenix is an Ultra Vires, which means that he is several levels above that of Omnipotence.

Phoenix Form[]

This transcendentally illuminating brilliant phoenix is the true form of Caius Phoenix. This is its Stage I form.

Caius Phoenix - Phoenix Form.jpg

This transcendentally illuminating brilliant phoenix is the true form of Caius Phoenix. This is its all-encompassing Stage II form.

Caius Phoenix - Phoenix Form II.jpg