God is the title given to beings that have created the Omniverse and that are above All.

Gods of this quality are the 1st Level out of the 7 Trials to Glory. They are essentially and necessarily Omnipotent, Omnipresent, Omniscient, and Omnipotence Paradox defined. They are the lowest and weakest level.


For every theory of dimension, for every Omniverse, there is an all-encompassing being that created it and that is above all tiers of power and phenomena; supremely almighty and invincible, in every sense and aspect. Their authority is personal, impersonal, and transpersonal for every fictional, nonfictional, and transfictional reality.

Each titled God is the master and sole superior of the cosmic creation; the Supreme Overseer and Grand Architect. In Heir to the Stars, the number of Omniverses goes well beyond any and all systems of numbers, giving the amount of Supreme Beings (at minimum) somewhere transcending an uncountably absolute totality.


On this scope, it is essential and necessary for said all-encompassing being to be the quality beyond representation, causality, logic and reason, and can achieve absolutely anything without any limit or condition.


Each God is absolute; beyond any known system of abilities and power. They are above all cosmic powers and abstract entities. All is within their Mind, and they stand Above All. Gods are those who are considered the be - all, end - all of modes and attributes; fully transcendent within the story.

While in media, it is explained that there is one and only one being (meaning that there can only be one in each fictional and nonfictional continuity) that is fundamentally invincible, being completely immune to all other powers and concepts, and is above All; Heir to the Stars expands greatly, realizing many with the almighty aspect of Omnipotence. Outside of the Omniverse, they exist on a whole other level. Their qualities are absolutely unlimited, incalculable and immeasurable, meaning they can do anything they want. In the Omniverse, they are recognized as fully and truly Omnipotent, Omniscient, and Omnipresent. The Omniverse and every mode and attribute within it, are simply just a part of The Mind of God.

- Omniarch (Rules over anything and everything in existence and nonexistence. Gods has absolute control over all objects, abstracts, planes of existences, and forms. Gods has absolute dominion over any situation or environment by simply being.)    

- Omnicompetence (Can handle all situations and matters, regardless of the problem, situation or conflict, and have the needed skill, knowledge, experience, etc., for any purpose, and will know what to do, when to do it, and how to do it. They can never lose a fight or conflict.)     

- Omnifarious (Has complete and absolute control over their own being, allowing them to manipulate their shape, density, size or energy.Gods can take any form that they can imagine, independently from the laws of Physics and Logic.)    

- Omnificence (This is the unlimited power to create anything from nothing without limits.)

- Omnilock (Has absolute transcendence and resides beyond space, time, duality, probability, nothingness. Gods is exists outside of all existence and nonexistence. They cannot be affected even by Omniversal effects and are absolutely immune to everything.)        

  • Freedom (Is free and immune from every law, rule, fate, predestination, concept, limits, or any other type of cosmic, spiritual, physical and/or mystical jurisdiction, making the Gods completely immune to effects.)



- Omnipotence Paradox (possesses unfathomable authority beyond any reason and understanding, allowing them to achieve anything and everything without any limit, no matter how impossible or contradictory, overriding all other forces and abilities like they didn't exist at all.)



- Omnipresence (Is present everywhere at the same time, referring to an unbounded or universal presence. It is the absolute presence of being everywhere and nowhere at once.)    



- Omniscience (The Mind is unblocked to the entirety of all Omniverses. They know every answer to every question, theory, past, present, future, and eternity.)        
  • Enlightenment (Understands the meaning of everything; possess full comprehension of all Omniverses and beyond..)

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