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Heir to the Stars: JOKER takes place within the 2nd Floor of the Cosmic Ladder. The location is somewhere within the Zweiverse.

Every single character is operating on a Higher Pataphysical Level in terms of all attributes, fully surpassing absolute zeniths such as Omnipotence, Omnipresence, Omniscience; as well as the 7 Glories - Gods and Towers.

Note: This is a story that is meant to demonstrate a higher plane of logic and power in a sense of terminology. While many terms are utilized such as a speed, strength, numbers, and etc, the concepts and logic utilized are not the same as they would be within the infinite and endless - within THE ALL. Even if a character is stated to operate on a Metaphysical level, then it is merely implying that they are using such a level on a higher stage, still within the echelon of Pataphysics, giving them greater influence over any system or zenith of Metaphysics ever mentioned or seen (and above the absolute infinite multiplicity amount never mentioned, seen, or even conceived of yet…) of all of Fiction, all of Nonfiction, all of Transfiction, all of Fanfiction, all of Metafiction, all of Hyperfiction, all of Patafiction, all Interfiction, all of Personal fiction, all of Impersonal Fiction, all Literacy Genres (encompassing Narrative Causality that we are all stories) – on every single personal, impersonal, and transpersonal level. This is because users of Metaphysics still operate on a level within THE ALL. Pataphysics has greater stepped beyond such...

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