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As explained in volume 3 of Solecism, a paradox is a being/unbeing of uncertainty within/beyond the union of NOTHING and ALL POSSIBILITY which collectively makes up the Grand Principle of Creation.

A Paradox is outside of the Mind and Soul of THE ALL.

A Paradox bypasses most laws of physics (of the realm in which Omnipotence walks on), as they understand the conceptual framework of the laws. There is a framework for all modes of existences, nonexistence, and supraexistence. In order to break the laws, they have to be able to make that mode or attribute relative to their self.

A Paradox exists outside of all theories of dimensions, and still interacts with reality. A Paradox can operate within the mental plane and the physical plane at the same time. They exist in a state of being everywhere and nowhere at the same time; fluctuating as the cause of themselves is the very effect of themselves (or rather, the cause of their origin is its effect; which can be applied to their abilities).

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