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The Church of Necessary Evil is a sanctuary built within an echelon so far outside of all known existence that the lights in the skies aren’t stars, but an infinite ensemble of subsets and supersets of all possibilities and actualities. It rests outside of the end of infinity, and it exists to flood the world with evil.

Since before the conception of the union of the Nothing and All Possibility, the Church of Necessary Evil has stood as the Divine Ground for the pulse of existence. When all actualities and possibilities were established, humanity was established as well. In order for evil to exist, there must be an original goodness to corrupt. Humanity is the poster for goodness, while God was the source of evil. Evil originates from Free will and Possibility, and without Evil, neither can exist.

Within this church lies the secret of the complete ensemble of all possibilities and actualities, along the greatest level of Infinity. Evil is a necessity; a blessing granted by the Father, the Son, and the Holy Ghost. Take a glimpse into the greater evils of Existence, and for the reason behind the existence of the Church of Necessary Evil...

Remember, evil is just another echelon of good and benevolence…

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