Titan is the title given to beings that have almighty power over the Omniverse and powers that are above The All.

Titans are the 2nd Level out of the 7 Trials to Glory. Titans are a level higher than the Gods.


Titans are forever the leading conceptualization and imagined Absolute force.

Titans are the all-encompassing; fully necessarily and essentially absolutely the totality of nothing and all possibilities of everything conceivable, inconceivable, potential, impossible, existent, non-existent, known, unknown, created, uncreated, discovered, undiscovered, fictional, transfictional, impersonal fictional, personal fictional, meta-fictional, nonfictional, perceived, unperceived, observed, unobserved, written, unwritten, all beyond all and absolute zero below absolute zero.

Titans fully encompass and define every mathematical abstract reality, every theory of dimension, every Continua, every Ultimate Ensemble, and every High Dimensional Plane.

Titans are outside and within every force, every being, every repeating and unending endless chain, every endless hierarchy, every creation. Titans control and rest before the beginning and beyond the endless of every form of nonexistence and existence ever mentioned or seen (and the unquantifiable uncountably unwritten unknown absolute infinite multiplicity amount never mentioned or seen or even conceived of yet…)

Titans are the Be-All, End-All.

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