In the Suggsverse, The Ace of Spades is the Supreme Creator; both fully transcendent within and outside of the series. The Ace of Spades is the Suggsverse in its entirety and beyond. He is the narrator, author, and series.


The Voyagers are the echelon that are above The Ace of Spades. Zephyranth is the Violet Queen that is above The Ace of Spades, being the one being that towered over the highest point. Along with her daughters, they merely observe the workings of all stories. The Voyagers exist outside of the Floors, Fortresses, Lion's Dens, and Ace to Machina of the Suggsverse (It has been noted that at one point or another, each of them has erased The Suggsverse, superseding The Ace of Spades and created it anew).

*NOTE: Although The Ace of Spades is the highest being, being the Supreme Creator (Supreme Author and Publisher), the Voyagers are not of Nothing, Totality, Possibility, or Uncertainty. They are not of anything except themselves, and even then, they have transcended 'Self'. Levels are inapplicable here. While it is equally true that The Ace of Spades is the top tier being in the Suggsverse; impassable, and possessing no true equal, it is also equally true that the Voyagers are above The Ace of Spades and beyond the necessity of The Ace of Spades.

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