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“Maybe it’s just my imagination.” Chalice 002.jpg

“Maybe it’s just my imagination.”
Photo Novel Pharos of the End
Physiology Ultimately Inapplicable
Height 5'10
Weight 185 lbs.
Eye Color Brown
Hair Color Black
Age Ultimately Inapplicable
Birth Date Ultimately Inapplicable
Birth Place Unknown
Status Ultimately Inapplicable
Gender Male
Family Melina von Haze (Wife)
Love Interests Melina von Haze
Affiliation None
Tier Unknown

Chalice is one of the primary protagonists from the series Pharos of the End.


Chalice makes his appearance in the fifth volume of Pharos of the End. He and Consonance had a meeting with The Principle – Death as part of a trial. In order to get their hands on the Xenogems, their first destination rested with their negotiations with Death. However, their journey was halted by the appearance of a Kyrios.

Powers and Abilities[]

Chalice is an extremely formidable fighter, capable of fighting a Kyrios.

Perfect Immortality: When an Unwritten Truth utilized an effect that had completely disintegrated all possible modes of actualized nonexistence and existence, Chalice as at ground zero of the effect, remaining completely unaffected.

Perfect Regeneration: When his mind, body, soul, consciousness, and evanescence were deconstructed, Chalice unconsciously reconfigured himself... in the same unchanging moment.

Transcendence: Chalice is able to arrive at his destination before leaving his starting point, able to surprise even an all-encompassing being with his presence. He is able to sense changes within time.

Grand Truth: “When the seagulls cry, and when the swan sings, there is only an endscape.” After saying this chant, Chalice is able to strike his target, causing an irreversible metaphysical annihilation event, causing its Grand Truth to dissipate, completely eliminating the actuality of the target.

Emerald Truth Manipulation: Chalice is able to create a truth by unconsciously manipulating the Emerald Truth, thus making a law that his actions and will could not be affected by multiplication or division.

Theaphysical Conversation: Chalice is able to convert a Kyrios level being by softly placed his palm in front of the target. He can convert the target into a stardust memory; complete elimination.

Evanescence Manipulation: In the event before a moment can generate, through the use of his Evanescence, Chalice is able to alter transfinite future trans-phenomena and meta- epiphenomenon--even those with probabilities lower than absolute 0 in order to find a way to counter an all-encompassing being.

- Chalice is able to place his palm against the walls of the unreality, creating a rift between reality and imagination, which allows him to open up doorways.

Mirrored Existence[]

Chalice exists in a state of reflections. Each is a reflection of each other. Everything that defines one, defines the other. There is no difference. Chalice mirrored himself eight times in order to find out the truth hidden within the truth. There are eight of them, which reflect from each other, continuing in an eternity of eight. Because of this aspect, none of them can truly be destroyed or perfectly erased... unless they are all affected and erased at the same time... which is in itself an impossibility, considering all other aspects of each of their existences.

Concept Art[]