Chris Spades
The Ace of Spades V (2)
“You may control perception, but the reality seen before you is no more than an illusion created by me.”
Photo Novel Heir to the Stars
Physiology Suit
Height 5'11
Weight 161 lbs.
Eye Color Jet Black
Hair Color White Silver
Age Ultimately Inapplicable
Birth Date Ultimately Inapplicable
Status Fully Transcendent
Gender Male
Family Pulse (Daughter)
Love Interests Unknown
Affiliation None

Chris Raion Spades is the Ace of Spades that appears in Heir to the Stars. He is the main protagonist of the story.


23 years ago, Chris Spades came into existence. He wasn’t born, nor created. He was just here. He didn’t know why or what his purpose was… All he heard on that serene bright morning was a voice telling him to find the 3 sacred flames and prevent the lifting of the veil…

In Heir to the Stars, Zechariah confronted Chris Spades, and told him about the coming end. He offered Chris Spades a reason to exist by stopping the group. Soon enough, Chris Spades encountered each member of Asashi, taking them done one by one. During his journey, he encountered the Supreme Being Tentei, who elaborated on why he existed. By the end of the story, it was revealed that Chris Spades was the harbinger of the end, for it was him that ended the Omniverse.

In Heir to the Stars II...(to be written)

Powers and AbilitiesEdit

Chris Raion Spades has mastery over the Space-time continuna as well as all dimensions, regardless of their physical laws. He can halt the entire space-time continua, rewind sequences of events, fast foward events, and etc. He can also see through the matrix of space, which allows him to be able to gain instant information about anything he wants.

Setsugekka: Chris Spades can control the story as if he were directing a film. The reality seen before his opponents is no more than an illusion created by him.

Enhanced Motion: Chris Spades can act before potentiality can become actuality and vice-versa.

Enhanced Endurance: Chris Spades can easily endure the effect of a weapon that dissipates and disperses the very conceptual essence of any subject and object it targets, regardless if it hits or misses (This particular weapon was used in conjunction with an ability to command probability and multiply his defenses by zero). Chris Spades is able to effortlessly endure the magnitude of an attack that can destroy the entirety of the Teraverse (an infinite amount of all possible infinite Metaverses) unscathed.

Enhanced Resistance: Chris Spades can resist the effects of all movement being halted on a quantum level as a trans-dimensional territory that he was within separated from reality and disappeared into nothingness. Scourge, a man that could command and delete information that exists—whom could alter reality; that which exists, that which does not exist, and that what he chooses to allow to exist…could not delete Chris Spades. When reality itself shattered, Chris Spades was seen standing in the middle of a white void in which reality could not exist, affected by the former or after effect.

Absolute Foresight: Chris Spades can advance events beforehand, ignoring possibility and nothing, observing all of the attacks and effects of an opponent.

Dimension Manipulation: Chris Spades can walk through dimensions effortlessly, tear through them and seal them back up. Even in imaginary space, he can tear through it and seal it back up.

Logic Barrier: Chris Spades is able to break the logic barrier around a target, effectively allowing him to bypass any rules that are established by or connected to said character.

Event Manipulation: Before information can process, Chris Spades can reconfigure the union of Nothing and Possibility. He can turn it all back to before Creation immemorial and fold it backwards akin to itself, causing it to have never existed at all. Then, he can traverse across Events, and tear through reality in order to end up back within any moment, without particular prior information. Chris Spades has also been shown to be able to literally command EVENT to cease its actions against him.

Story Manipulation: Chris Spades can rewind the pages of the book, bringing back the entirety of an event. When he utilized this, he returned the erased Teraverse. Also, since his opponent was confined by the story, Chris Spades could rewind the story back to Before Creation’s Immemorial; back to where his opponent could not possibly exist. It was also revealed that Chris Spades could stop all events within the story.

Noteable techniques:

- Chris Spades can shift the 'state of being' of said character beyond the vanishing point of all modes of existences.

- Chris Spades can halt the story, and age a character until that character turns into nothing but stardust, fading away into dream’s end.

- Chris Spades can appear next to his opponent before they can process a thought by moving through the gap between possibility and nothingness. He can pull out the script of the story, and erase the possibility and nothingness of a target.

- Right Hand of God: Chris was able to eliminate the entire North Region, housing every hierarchy that contained an absolute infinite multiplicity of infinite Omniverses within them. With his attack, all phenomena, the eternal, immortal, infinite, finite, change, matter, space, energy, being, imagination, and everything above and beyond never existed. Even void was his victim. All systems and scopes fell by his power.

- Chris Raion Spades was able to enter The Mind of Tentei and attack her infinitely and directly. He attacked her infinitely and through the infinitude of the infinite that proceeded from infinite and attacked her transcendent reality infinitely alone at once. Chris Spades had attacked her mind. He attacked her absolute reality trans-omnipresently, trans-immanently, trans-infinitely, transcendentally, and beyond all systems and levels.


When the Armageddon Seal is shattered, Seal 0.009001 – Omega will be relesaed. This brings out an alternative persona of Chris Spades, allowing him to utilize his full power.

- Muryou Sokudo Chikei: This is the ability to completely absorb the possibility and nothingness of everything in creation, which he can then use at his disposal. This terrain stretches as far as nothing and possibility can go.

- Muryou Tousui Heki: Chris Spades – Kaerizaku has full command over the limits of the material and immaterial planes of the Allscape. Objects, subjects, and ideas are under his power. He is directly linked with the underlying energy behind The Mainfold, commanding full authority over its principle.

  • This is all before Heir to the Stars: Overture (as it's no longer relevant during and after this series).

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