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Chris Storm
“I’ve anticipated the possibilities.” Desc7zs-bfa61b75-8a58-41f7-a563-ae75f5376747.png

“I’ve anticipated the possibilities.”
Photo Novel Pharos of the End
Physiology Ultimately Inapplicable
Height 5'10, Ultimately Inapplicable
Weight 185 lbs, Ultimately Inapplicable
Eye Color Brown, Ultimately Inapplicable
Hair Color Black, Ultimately Inapplicable
Age Ultimately Inapplicable
Birth Date Ultimately Inapplicable
Birth Place Unknown
Status Ultimately Inapplicable
Gender Male Principle
Family Ultimately Inapplicable
Love Interests Rainnedelle, Carmen Rogers (Wife)
Affiliation None
Tier Unknown

Chris Storm is the primary protagonist from the series "Pharos of the End."


Chris Storm makes his appearance in the first volume of Pharos of the End. He is seen on Ein Isle. It is an island that is akin to the Schrödinger’s Cat Box, where all possible "truths" can exist at the same time. He is on a journey with Erde Kaiser. They are searching for the End of Eternity. 

Powers and Abilities[]

Perfect Immortality: He has faced numerous of Metaphysical Ends already, only to be perfectly unaffected. When it was first shown, when everything ended, there is no existence, no universes, no creation, no categories, no abstracts, no continuum, and no nothing; Storm stood unaffected.

Seagulls Cry: Chris Storm is able to hear the seagulls crying, which means that a world has come to an end.

Creation Twitch: Chris Storm is able to twitch his eye, causing an explosion. This explosion can create the prime universe and transfinite universes, planes, realities, dimensions, infinities, and states of time. All things that are imaginable and all things that are beyond imagination are created in the explosion.

Anti-Omnipresenece: He is outside of all transfinite, natural, and imaginary sets. He is outside of all fundamental substances, the source of all metaphysical existence.

Anti-Omniscience: There is no capacity to know everything infinitely about him. He is not known. He has no thoughts, feelings, life, or origin. He is not from any modes or attributes of any universe, realm, dimension, plane, or void.

Anti-Omnipotence: He is outside of mathematic abstracts, logic, and influence. It was explained by All-powerful beings that Omnipotence cannot affect him, seeing that he is the anti-equation to omnipotence.

Mirrored Existence[]

Chris Storm exists in a state of reflections. Each is a reflection of each other. Everything that defines one, defines the other. There is no difference. Chris Storm mirrored himself eight times in order to find out the truth hidden within the truth. There are eight of them, which reflect from each other, continuing in an eternity of eight. Because of this aspect, none of them can truly be destroyed or perfectly erased... unless they are all affected and erased at the same time... which is in itself an impossibility, considering all other aspects of each of their existences.

Concept Art[]