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Christopher Sincere Pride (II)
"My name is Christopher Sincere Pride. I am from the Devil's Playground. I’m not going to tell you much about myself; that’s irrelevant. There’s nothing to really tell. However, this is my story." Christopher Sincere Pride M1.jpg

"My name is Christopher Sincere Pride. I am from the Devil's Playground. I’m not going to tell you much about myself; that’s irrelevant. There’s nothing to really tell. However, this is my story."
Photo Novel Solecism,

Pharos of the End

Physiology Paradox,

Ultimately Unquantifiable, Meta-Inapplicable

Height 5'11
Weight 185 lbs.
Eye Color Brown
Hair Color Black
Age Ultimately Inapplicable
Birth Date Ultimately Inapplicable
Birth Place Unknown
Status Meta-unquantifiable,

Exists and Nonexistent (simultaneously)

Gender Male
Family Lamont Heartfelt Vanity (Brother),

Deneé Saint Vainglory (Sister),

See Soulmates.

See Legacy

Love Interests Ultimate Soulmates
Affiliation Uniform
Tier Unknown

Christopher Sincere Pride is one of the two main protagonist characters that appears in the series Solecism, but has no relation to the other Christopher Sincere Pride. This Christopher is not an Ace of Spades or an Heir to the Stars. However, he is a paradox of the highest order. He is the older brother of Lamont Heartfelt Vanity. To see the true existence of Christopher Sincere Pride, go here. To the principle behind the reality for the former, go here.


Book I[]

Sincere and Lamont are venturing Wakers. They venture across worlds, waking up those who have fallen asleep. The brothers are seeking to find the thing that has been forgotten...yet was never known; their sister and the Nine Themes of God.

In the year 9412 A.A. (After Advent), Sincere and his brother Lamont were known for venturing across the world, waking up those who have fallen asleep. Sincere and Lamont found themselves walking through a desert, looking for a nearby town. Apparently, they had been out of work for a while, and they had been without food for days. They eventually come across a city; only to find out that there was someone who had fallen asleep within the city. They see this as a way to get some money and some food; maybe even a place to rest. However, a group known as Blue Rose had appeared to fix the paradox, which they could not allow.

Book II[]

After the hellacious war with Blue Rose, Lamont and Sincere find themselves within New Earth City. They are still without memories. However, along with trying to find someone who has fallen asleep, the two brothers were also trying to find a place to sleep and eat. Little did they know; the world of Science versus Religion was leering behind their shadows…

Book III[]

Lamont had gone to stay with his wife, while Sincere had gone out looking for a place to sleep. However, he found someone who was 'sleeping'. Upon waking her up, he found himself becoming her bodyguard. Soon, he found himself engaged in a war against a street gang known as Period. They were seeking to eliminate Mother Mary; the one Sincere had just woken up. They feared that she would reveal the secret behind the Xenogems, causing The End to appear. Sincere managed to defeat them, only to find out that a stronger force was heading his way…

Book IV[]

After being caught within the war of Period and the Emerald Knights, Lamont and Sincere find themselves within New Mars City. They are now looking for the Xenogems for these gems just may be the answer to what they seek...…

Book V[]

The year is Ω E.T. (End Time). After finding a Xenogem, Lamont and Sincere find themselves within Lost Jupiter City, but there are still three more left to find. Their only clue is that these three gems are located at the End of Time. Somewhere outside of the physical realm, the Songstress of Time has found herself trapped within the Heart of the Aria Lostscape. Although time does not exist within this realm, she is quickly disappearing. Should she cease to exist, then the Macro Cosmos will collapse. The sands of time are running out, and someway Lamont and Sincere must find a way to save her...

Book VI[]

The year is 9412 A.A. (After Advent). Lamont and Sincere finally have a break from fighting, and have decided to pick up where they left off; waking up those who have fallen asleep. They once again have no clues to finding what they seek, or even where to start looking…

Book VIII[]

The year is 9414 A.A. (After Advent). It has been 2 years since their intervention with Rose-colored World, and the two brothers still have not found what they are searching for... However, recently, increasingly large amounts of people have been falling asleep. The numbers are spreading into the centillions relatively fast. Sincere and Lamont know that they cannot possibly wake up everyone, but the number has upset the Macro Cosmos. If they do not find out the cause to this, their timeline will fold upon itself, just like the other infinite adjacent ones so far. The Macro Cosmos, or rather one of the Epitaphs plans to reset all structures of reality in order to correct the unstable balance. Lamont and Sincere have taken matters into their own hands by asking the Epitaph for some time. The Epitaph gives them 7 days; not a quantum second more or less. If they fail, all is lost.

Book IX[]

The year is 2014 A.D. (Anno Domini). Sincere and Lamont have traveled back to the year of when everything changed for them. It is the last period of time that they can remember. Not too long after reaching this year, they witness the storm that brought upon The End. They believe that the clue to what they are looking for will be within this timeline, but they have to find a way to stop the impending end in order to find what they seek.

Book X[]

The year is 0033 P.W. (Perfect World) in the Utopian Calendar. The Songstress of Time once created Heaven on Earth, a utopia for the humans whose realities inhabited it. However, the nature of the human mind rejected this first attempt at a perfect world and the world turned into ruin. A second attempt added the chaos factor of human nature and a basic cause and effect, but this stable world was also a failure. For the third time, she added the power of choice, saying that humans were the true Gods that shaped the world. This was a utopia where humans would be allowed the power of volition. However, she felt that some manipulation was necessary, so the chaos factor existed, as well as the power of choice, but the will to choose the chaos factor was at the lowest possibility. Lamont and Sincere wake up to find themselves in the Heaven on Earth…

Book XI[]

The year is 0066 C.C. (Correct Chaos) in the Darkruin Calendar. Sincere and Lamont are venturing Wakers. They venture across worlds, waking up those who have fallen asleep. The brothers are seeking to find the thing that has been forgotten...yet was never known; their sister and the Nine Themes of God. An organization called God's Vision however seeks to sacrifice the two equivocal existences to open up a door to the Glass Heaven. One of the members of God's Vision has set the stage in motion, collapsing the former collection of infinities in order to create a stable world of pure ruin. However, with the creation of this new world and the existence of two paradoxes that supersedes all contradictions, the seals on the Deus ex Machinas have been released. God's Vision has also stolen the Songstress of Time, forcing the hand of existence. Now, all modes of existence are subtracting, multiplying, and dividing themselves by 0. God's Vision has a masterful plan in play, but something has materialized that has changed all plans. Sincere has become a victim, falling asleep....

Powers and Abilities[]

In Solecism, Christopher Sincere Pride is introduced as an observer anomaly who can wield power from the higher dimension, above The All.

Quantum Probability Manipulation: Christopher Sincere Pride has the power to manipulate Quantum Probability; the manipulation of Cause and Effect. Sincere can create and control destiny itself. However, he seems to only really use this ability in combat, for fear of what it might do if he utilize it too freely, because he is a paradox.

Quantum Jumping: Sincere has shown the ability to quantum jump across a centillion amount of universes in a quantum frame of time.

Enhanced Speed: Even without the Quantum based abilities, his natural speed and reaction allows him operate in the attoseconds. (He fought an entire group in a matter of 0.005 attoseconds in volume 2)

Enhanced Endurance: Even when his powers are deactivated, he is able endure attacks with an infinite amount of force behind them, as well as attacks with more than an infinite amount of force behind them.

Removal from Space-time: At any moment, Sincere can literally remove himself from time and space.

Equation Seal: He can simply create an equation that could answer the equation of anything that is omni, and use it to perfectly bind a perfect infinity to a finite equation. When he utilized this, he easily sealed away Albedo.

Absolute Immortality | Regeneration: When Ashtwilight emitted a vibration that caused an irreversible metaphysical annihilation event, causing all possibilities (even those lower than a concept below absolute 0), potentialities, actualities, and continuums that linked to the conception of Sincere, to cease to exist or to have ever existed, he was able to instantly regenerate from it. In actuality, it is the absolute metaphysical end of everything that identified as Christopher Sincere Pride. It is not "the perfect end” because "after" this happens, nothing of the target ever existed. There was never a target to annihilate. There was never an end to the target since the target's beginning never existed. However, Sincere was able to regenerate, even after she canceled out his ability to regenerate.

Powers and Abilities II[]

By Pharos of the End, he is able to fight on even grounds with Unwritten Truths. He is easily on a Mainfold Level+.

Unbounded: He is so far above Infinite Speed, Immanence, Transcendence, Omnilock, Omnipresence, and Metapresence that he is simply beyond the necessity of the attributes.

Metaphysical Probability Shields: These shields automatically multiplies effects targeting Sincere by 0, negating them entirely.

Destiny Shields: When The High Priestess mentally deconstructed the source of all principles, waves and phenomena that represented the essence of Christopher Sincere Pride, Destiny Shields automatically multiplied the event by 0, resetting the observer back to point 0.

True Endscape: Through commanding the principle behind possibility, Sincere can use causality waves to "synchronize" with the 'frequency' of principle behind the creation of a target. Then, in an unchanging moment, he can command ALL POSSIBILITY to remove the target from the Grand Principle of Creation – NOTHING.

Perfect Immortality: All events had been removed from the story. In fact, the totality of life had been removed from all stories. The totality of death had been removed from all stories. All realities, planes, numbers, subjects, levels, wave functions, wave existences, phenomena, abstract mathematics, metaphysics, existences, conceptions, causalities, imagination, nonexistence, possibilities, nothingness, potentialities, actualities, uncertainties, truths, and unknowns had been removed from all attributes, modes, configurations, and stories. There never was the Pure Act or Event of Creation. However, those who existed outside of Pure Act and Creation were completely unaffected. Sincere is one of those who was completely unaffected.

Mirrored Existence[]

Christopher Sincere Pride exists in a state of reflections; an infinite equation of 8. Each is a reflection of each other. Everything that defines one, defines the other. There is no difference. Christopher Sincere Pride mirrored himself eight times in order to find out the truth hidden within the truth. There are eight of them, which reflect from each other, continuing in an eternity of eight. Because of this aspect, none of them can truly be destroyed or perfectly erased... unless they are all affected and erased at the same time... which is in itself an impossibility, considering all other aspects of each of their existences.

Chris Storm is the reflection of my dad. He is him. My dad is him. He is my father. At the same time, they are both separate, and completely unalike from one another.”
- Nebuchadnezzar Pride

Ultimate Soulmates[]

In order for Christopher Sincere Pride to protect himself, he discarded his entire being. He split himself into eighteen pieces, giving one of his ultimate soulmates a piece of himself to eternally and permanently hold. The observable and subjective representation of Christopher Sincere Pride is actually none of him, for he is truly broken into eighteen fragments, existing in one of his ultimate soulmates. Because of this, it's impossible to actually kill, erase, bind or remove him through any forces, influences or powers from THE ALL.


Christopher Sincere Pride has seven children. He doesn't necessarily spend time with his children due to his schedule, but he has left with them a heavy legacy of his duties.



  • Christopher Sincere Pride is Immortal because of 4 attributes. The first is because he doesn't possess none of him. The second is because of his mirrored existence. The third is because of his paradoxical state. The fourth is because he naturally possesses Absolute Immortality and Absolute Regeneration.
  • In the second volume of the Outer Roads, Sincere questioned the level of all of his opponents that he had fought so far. He even ventured to deduce that his opponents possessed truly astonishing abilities. He even started to question if their abilities and training even came from the union of Nothing and All Possibility. He eventually came to a revelation that all of his opponents from part I and part II (and any other character that isn't cosmic) have an Observer Effect, and are able to observe his existence in its fullest, which is impossible, but only pushes him to the fact that there are higher forces working against him.
  • Halfway through Solecism, Christopher Sincere Pride starts using his real name.