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Cire Lostsanctum
"I don't believe in miracles." [[File:{{{image 2}}}|210px|]]

"I don't believe in miracles."
Photo Novel All-World
Physiology Transhuman
Height 5'8
Weight 152 lbs.
Eye Color White
Hair Color Silver
Age 18
Birth Date December 16
Birth Place Unknown
Status Alive
Gender Male
Family None
Love Interests None
Affiliation Enoch, Lilah Ambercrest
Tier Unknown

Cire Lostsanctum is a prideful man that appears in the All-World series as one of the main characters. He believes that religion is an imaginary story that is only for the weak. He believes that science is only a bunch of unproven theories. However, he holds the power over Miracles.


In Book 1, the story starts with Cire during his encounter with Enoch. Although he pretty much dismisses Enoch, she forces her company onto him. She questions if he is going to help her find his memories, but of course Cire denies. Cire wants nothing to do with her and makes it quite clear. Enoch then invites him to the Eckankar continent, even after he declines her invitation. As the two continue to walk, Jason Cain makes his appearance. When questioned who he was, Jason Cain explains that it doesn’t matter; that he was only there to acquire the Table of Contents. Throughout the battle, Cire learns of what the Table of Contents is and then decides to protect Enoch. After Jason Cain ends the battle, stating that he would return, Enoch questions Cire about his abilities.

Later, Valentine Sin, serving out to what he claims was his purpose, makes his introduction by destroying multiple city blocks. Eventually, he appears before Cire Lostsanctum, introducing himself as no one. Cire, angered by Valentine Sin attacked him, only to realize that he was intangible. Cire cloaked himself in chakra, much to Valentine's surprise. Cire eventually defeats him, even after he fused with a universal concept. Nicholas Pageking then appears before Cire Lostsanctum and Enoch after the defeat of Valentine Sin. However, Valentine Sin regenerates and the two join forces to take down Cire. The two waste no time in going all out, merging with Universal Concepts in order to overkill Cire. However, because of his unconscious ability to command Miracles, Cire is unaffected by their will or power. Eventually, after the universe is restored, Cire defeats both of them, erasing them from existence. Enoch tells Cire that he truly has the power to control Miracles, and that is the reason as to why they could not affect him. Afterwards, Cire tells her that it's time to go to Emerald City.

Cire explained that the two that he just defeated were from Logos. Logos are scientifically enhanced humans. They are all created in Emerald City. However, they were all wiped out during the last war 22 years ago. If someone has started the project again, he was going to stop it. Solomon Princeton appears before Cire Lostsanctum and Enoch, after Cire explained that they were going to Emerald City to destroy Logos. Solomon Princeton explained that the two would not get there as he descended from the sky. When Cire caught a grasp of his sense, he commented that Solomon's presence felt like that of Jason Cain. Solomon Princeton questioned Cire on why he was protecting a doomsday device. Cire challenged Solomon to a fight, much to Solomon's approval. After the battle, Solomon is defeated and is erased from reality on all levels and planes of existence. However, he regenerates from nothingness, but still weak. Cire Lostsanctum, however, is unable to wake up due to the taxing effects on his body.

(Book 2)

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(Book 3)

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(Book 4)

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Powers and Abilities[]

(Book 1)

Miracle Manipulation: Cire Lostsanctum has the unconscious ability to create Miracles. Although this is not evident at first, it was first truly shown when he transported his existence outside of the bounds of time and space, and into the realms of the abstracts to fight the embodiments of Death and Nothingness. Through Miracle Manipulation, he is able to warp reality, warp logic, and defy universal constants. He can adapt to any situation, which is also shown when the Multiverse was being erased and he simply negated its effects on him. A prime example is when Nicholas Pageking erased the existence of Cire Lostsanctum from the inside out, only to see that Cire was unaffected. Enoch explained that his existence is a harbinger of miracles.

Enhanced Speed: Cire Lostsanctum was first shown to be able to dodge 200 natural leader lightning bolts (each) from the sky, each traveling at a speed of 93,000 miles per second. Moments later, it was shown that he is able to move at half the speed of light. Eventually, Jason Cain began to strike Cire; with each strike, he was able to cut through space to instantly attack Cire, but Cire was able to move faster than the earliest system of cause. With exactly 1 million distinct electrical attacks in a single attosecond aimed at Cire, Jason left exactly 1 million rips within the dimensional fabric. Not a single attack was able to connect with Cire. In his battle against Nicholas Pageking and Valentine Sin, both whom were conceptual beings at this point and Omnipresent, Cire was shown to be able to think before either could process a thought.


Enhanced Durability: Cire was able to survive a punch of infinite mass being thrown at him at close luminal speeds with unharmed. Soon, it was shown that with a space-time dimensional slash right through Cire’s head, Cire remained unbeheaded.

Enhanced Resistance: Cire was unscathed by a volley of plasma ball attacks that targeted him on the physical and spiritual level, with each ball carrying a temperature of ~5×106^6 K.

Enhanced Regeneration: He was able to regenerate instantly after a billion waves unmade the reality of him on all levels of existence.

Martial Arts Master: Cire possesses a master level knowledge of all fighting arts, known and unknown. He has an arsenal of sacred, forbidden, forgotten, and newly created techniques. He demonstrated all styles of martial arts and a complete mastery of them.

  • Swan Song: Cire Lostsanctum assumes the position of an advanced swan. By memorizing every known and unknown martial art on the planet, I has enabled himself to create his own unique fighting style that cannot be copied by the human mind. He did this by reading every form of martial arts book. By simply moving with his Swan Song style, Cire achieves a level that transcended the necessity of speed. In fact, he had transcended petty concepts such as presence and (metaphysical) change. He completely negated fate and time on their most base levels of existence, completely unmaking the reality of Solomon Princeton on all levels and planes of existence with a mere jumping mid-air double stabbing thrust. However, this takes a toll on his body.

Qi Manipulation: Cire can gather Qi energy all around him. When he first utilized this, he launched waves of Qi energy onto Jason Cain that traversed space-time to instantly strike him on a subatomic level.

  • Cire can fire a massive stream of Qi at his target. When this attack was canceled out, it caused a hypersonic vibrating shockwave that atomized all 20,000 km^2 the surrounding area.
  • Qi Burst: Cire’s body explodes with a massive amount of Qi energy that can sweep across a continent (18,468,300 km^2), eliminating two abstracts on all levels and planes of existence.

Chakra Manipulation: Cire surrounded himself in Chakra and commenced to strike Jason, bypassing his intangibility.

  • Cire Lostsanctum exploded with burst of chakra, covering 55,000,000 km^2 in diameter with his burst of energy, dispersing matter within the area.
  • He can create a sword out of Chi.

Multi-Energy: Cire Lostsanctum is able to generate both Qi and Chakra energy, unleashing exactly a billion waves to unmake the reality of a target on all levels of existence.

Conceptual Denial: During his battle with Valentine Sin, who had merged with the Universal Concept of Chaos, Cire gathered Chakra in his right hand and Qi in his left hand. Before Valentine Sin could process another thought, Cire had merged the essence of his energy into the concept of chaos itself, completely firing two streams of energies that attacked Valentine Sin on multiple levels of existence, canceling him out.

(Book 2)

Swan Song: By simply moving with his Swan Song style, Cire achieves a level that transcends the necessity of Omnipresence, completely negating his opponent's presence on several levels of existence, completely unmaking the reality of the target on all levels and planes of existence with a gliding scissor attack.

  • Cire Lostsanctum can ascend even higher, assuming a swan's beak stance, striking with a two-hand finger strike. A chakra manifestation of a swan appeared behind him, engulfing his target completely. The attack transports the target from existence, completely banishing them from all planes of existence.
  • Cire jumps into sky, resonating his Qi and Chakra with existence itself. By transcending the restrains and decree of time and space, encompassing a level beyond the necessity of time, space, change, information, and presence, Cire executes a swan dive into the very reality of his target.

Chakra Sword: He can create a sword out of Chi. On strike, this sword completely seals a target's mind and soul into a state of existence that was only known as nihility.

Qi Sword: He can create a sword out of Qi. On strike, this sword completely seals a target's mind and soul into a state of existence that was only known as nihility.


  • Cire has as a Mastery of all Fighting Arts because his mind is linked to the Suggsversal Quantum field, so when any martial arts or fighting style is conceived in the infinite interpreting dimensions of existence and nonexistence, he learns it, masters it and gains an infinite amount of experience with it. In other words, in all possibilities and nothingness, he literally knows all fighting arts from all timelines, dimensions, realities, planes, realms, and verses.