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Continued Story... is the first major story of the year 2016. This title was written and published in January 2016 by Lionel Suggs.

Continued Story... (Content Page)

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“Every story that comes to an end is the just the continuation of another story...” - Praé

Every Story / Plot / Floor has a situation which is being written/unwritten in order to tell the journey in which is currently going on or that which has already been completed. However, this book details that of those that writes the plot; that writes the story; that controls the Floor; that supersedes the Author / Publisher / Editor / President. Every story is just a prelude, while those that have come long before any conceptualization of the Plot / Story / Verse / Narrative / Author are still standing behind scenes, orchestrating a grander masterpiece.

The Story (spoilers)[]

To be written...