The Cosmic Hierarchy within the entire ensemble of the Heir to the Stars. This is the Second Floor, which is a level that is higher than the cosmic hierarchy of the First Floor.

The Einverse

The Einverse is the actuality of the infinite continuum sets of reality. It is the house of existential realms and void. It is the infinite span of the 69 dimensions. All forms of matter, energy, waves, motion and the causality that govern them. It is All that exists, has existed, and will exist.

Within the Einverse is also the Worldscript; a distinct individual infinite dimensional organization with an infinite amount of possible rhythms and definite specific laws of physics.

To a single Einverse, the hierarchy of The Art Gallery is that of a single infinitesimal quantum point.

The Zweiverse

The Zweiverse is the higher actualism set of parallel possible Einverses that together encompass everything that physically exists. Each Einverse operates on its own Suggsexistiental frequency, walling interaction to each its own.

Every Einverse within the Zweiverse is an absolutely endless multiplicity and it is so infinite that it repeats in cardinalities of eternities. The actuality of the Zweiverse is completely infinite, but an infinite amount of Zweiverses exist. Every possibility and impossibility exist in some form or another.

The Dreiverse

The Dreiverse is a level of Existence that encompasses a completed infinite set of Zweiverses. It is the S-3rd higher actualism in the cosmic hierarchy.

The Dreiverse holds the Pillar of all Physical Phenomena. It exists in its own LS8-Higher Dimensional signature.


The Spellverse is a level of reality that is infinitely infinite and houses an infinitely infinite amount of all Dreiverses. It is the S-4th higher actualism in the cosmic hierarchy.

The Spellverse holds the Pillar for all Quintessence energies that flows through nearly all of existence. It exists in its own LS8-Higher Dimensional signature.


The Breakverse houses multiple infinitely infinite Breakverses. It is the S-5th higher actualism in the cosmic hierarchy.

The Breakverse holds the Pillar for all Omega Points that exist throughout existence. It exists in its own LS8-Higher Dimensional signature.


The Millenniumverse is part of the higher levels of Infinity. It represents a collection of universal graphs, each housing a Frame of Reference for the lower actualism signatures. It is where meta-abstract trans-mathematics comes to an end. It is the manifestation of a higher plane of existence's highest level of energy and phenomena.

The Millenniumverse holds the Pillar for all infinite future phenomena of the lower plane's of existence's energy.

The Absolute Meta-Infinity

The Absolute Meta-Infinity is the Grand Principle of a "meta-infinity" that transcended the manifestation of a higher dimensional existential and nonexistential perfection of a complete unquantifiable Pure Actualism.

It is the meta-immeasurably subtle and profound perfectly complete actualism of the Absolute Meta-Infinite Multipilicty.

Viewscape's End

It is the end of Subjectivity, Obsersation and Perspective. It is the end of the Meta-Absolute Infinite. It is the Grand Principle of 'The End' of the actualism of a meta-infinity that transcends all sub-multiplicities, extra-multiplicities, alpha-multiplicities, omega-multiplicities, and grand-multiplicities of the Absolute Meta-Infinity.

Viewscape's End is the genesispoint of all conceptualizations and perspectives.

The Emerald Lion's Den

This in-between Grand Possibility and Grand Nothingness is a distant reality/void that exists/nonexists outside of all conceptualizations, observations, and perspectives. It is, however, connected to every single form and theory of dimension and it exists/nonexists within and outside of all existential frequencies.

It is the eternal gulf outside of all realities; the embodiment of the End. It is where all multiplicities of Synthesis, Sequences, Sets, and Systems cannot exist and will automatically become the actualism of "Never has existed, and never will exist."

The Mind

It is the end of meta-Imagination. It is the end of the meta-concept of a meta-Imagination that transcends the meta-imaginary system. The Principle of all meta-imaginary trans-states end.

The Mind is the endpoint of all conceptualizations and perspectives.

The Master Set

A Master Set is the absolute assembly of all possible Worlds, with all possible and impossible laws of all disciplines of physics.

Everything vacillating from all of literature, all of trans-literature, all of fan-literature, all of personal literature, all of impersonal literature, as well as actual existence are within The Master Set.

The Master Set is the joint assembly of every single Einverse, Zweiverse, Dreiverse, Spellverse, Breakerverse, and Millenniumverse; every dimension, reality (quantum, abstract mathematical, metaphysical, pataphysical, micro, virtual, or pocket) and realm. Every form of existence ever mentioned or seen (and the absolute infinite multiplicity amount never mentioned, seen, or even conceived of yet…) are within The Master Set.

All modes of possibility / actuality are in play. All modes of existence / nonexistence are in play.


The Authorscape is that of the Absolute Actualism, transcending the story itself. It is not connected to names, terms, definition and/or essence. It is the Grand Principle of Creation, all-encompassing Meta-Nothingness and Meta-Possibility. If The Authorscape never 'not been,' even for a metaphysical infinitesimal moment, 'It' would not 'be' now.

The Authorscape encompasses The Master Set.

The Paradise of the Rabbit's Perspective

There is a A818th Grand Logic of Meta-Absolute Infinite amount of Master Sets, all confined within outerplanes of the Authorscape, with the Authorscape being the opening door.

Once entering into the Paradise of the Rabbit's Perspective, a grand stage of levels of Nu-possibility and Nu-actuality appear. Lth-Truths exist within here.

There is a Meta-Absolute Infinite amount of Master Sets within a single Paradise of the Rabbit's Perspective. Think of a infinite collection of infinite sets of infinities, and think about all of the infinitesimals that make up a mere fragment of it. Each of those fragments are equivalent to a single Paradise of the Rabbit's Perspective. Each Paradise of the Rabbit's Perspective possesses a Meta-Absolute Infinitude of subsets, supersets, and all-sets of hierarchies of Authorscapes.


Outside of all prior levels, Thundersteps are present. These levels of actualities are still definitions unconfirmed.

Heir's Pulse

Heir's Pulse is the total sum of everything mentioned before.

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