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Croce di Pietro
“As a member of La persona superiore a Dio, allow me to say a prayer under my breath.” [[File:{{{image 2}}}|210px|]]

“As a member of La persona superiore a Dio, allow me to say a prayer under my breath.”
Photo Novel The Church of Necessary Evil,

Dream's Epilogue

Physiology Transcendent Human
Height 5'11
Weight 200 lbs.
Eye Color Brown
Hair Color None
Age Infinities on top of absolute infinities
Birth Date Unknown
Birth Place Unknown
Status Transcendent
Gender Male
Family Unknown
Love Interests None
Affiliation Apologia Auctoris
Tier Unknown

Croce di Pietro is a La persona superiore a Dio that appears in The Church of Necessary Evil as one of the main characters.


Croce di Pietro first appears in the 4th chapter of the story. He was tasked with solving the ultimate question. It was made well aware that besides his search, he was trying to flood the Omniverse with evil, but without eliminating the Omniverse.

It was revealed by Tlahuizcalpantecuhtli in Dreams' Epilogue that Croce di Pietro killed Yahweh (Christianity/Judaism), Allah (Islam), Brahman (Hinduism), Shang Di (Confucianism/Chinese religions), the Tao (Taoism), and Adi-Buddha/Vairocana (Buddhism). Each one was fully Omnipotent, Omnipresent, and Omniscient.

Powers and Abilities[]

Croce di Pietro is the smartest member of the Church of Necessary Evil. His analytical mindset is the most brilliant.

Enhanced Processing: Croce di Pietro sat down to think of a moment. A quantum moment passed by as Croce di Pietro had already generated an infinite amount of information and algorithms in order to solve the ultimate question. Croce di Pietro was able to eventually generate an equation for an algorithm that was greater than the Absolute. He generated an algorithmic equation for greater than Eternity. He then generated an algorithmic equation for above omnipotence, but only reached the edge of the equation. There was a simple formula that could not be generated.

Enhanced Presence: Croce di Pietro is able traverse an infinitude of infinity dimensions and planes, arriving at his destination before ever leaving his starting point.

Equation Generation: He is able to generate an equation within his hand that literally allows him to tap into the mind, heart, word and ground of the Cat in the Magisterium (a Supreme Being that encompasses The Allscape).

Omniversal Power: It was implied that he could simply end the Omniverse with a mere formula.

Final Attack: Croce di Pietro can converge extra-dimensional particles from outside of all modes of existence and outside of all possibilities and phenomena. Upon firing this energy, it enters the gap between where all cause and effect begins, where everything and nothing exists, and behind identity itself. It can unmake the creation of a target completely. 

Absolute Regeneration: He was easily wished away into nonexistence. At that same moment, his past, present, and all echelons of infinity that he existed in was erased. The laws of reality were altered and the principle phenomena behind the Omniverse were altered to ensure that he absolutely could not re-create itself. However, he did.

Resistance Negation:

Damage Transferal: