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Photo Novel The Church of Necessary Evil
Physiology Fully Transcendent Entity
Height Inapplicable
Weight Inapplicable
Eye Color Inapplicable
Hair Color Inapplicable
Age Inapplicable
Birth Date Inapplicable
Birth Place Unknown
Status Fully Transcendent
Gender Female
Family Inapplicable
Love Interests None
Affiliation Divine Mother's Mercy
Tier Unknown

Dedicatus is a being of Divine Mother's Mercy that appears in The Church of Necessary Evil.


Dedicatus appears in the 13th chapter of the story. Divine Mother’s Mercy was tired of standing by and allowing the actions of the Church of Necessary Evil to persist. When a new Pandora’s Box was unleashed, eliminating the light at the end of the tunnel, Divine Mother's Mercy took action. Re del Mondo was their first target.

Powers and Abilities[]

Being that of Divine Mother's Mercy, Dedicatus exists behind the Omniverse, the outside ring of all that is and ever will be. Not only that, but Dedicatus exists within all points within the Omniverse, even within all concepts and essences. Dedicatus rests at the End of Infinity, and yet Dedicatus sleeps outside and above all levels of infinity.

Synchronization: Dedicatus is able to synchronized with the complete reality of a target, completely merging with a target's existence to become more of that target than what the target was.