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Dexter Carr II / Victorious Carr
“And yet they stand on a mountain that we cannot possibly hope to reach.” Victorious Carr.jpg

“And yet they stand on a mountain that we cannot possibly hope to reach.”
Photo Novel Solecism
Physiology Paradox
Height 5'8
Weight 150 lbs.
Eye Color Brown
Hair Color Black
Age 29
Birth Date Unknown
Birth Place Unknown
Status Exists and Nonexistent (simultaneously)
Gender Male
Family None
Love Interests None
Affiliation Mirage
Tier Unknown

Dexter Carr II appears in the series Solecism. He is a member of Mirage. He also appears as Victorious Carr in the series Glory of the Defeated, working alongside Villain Descendingsword.


As Victorious Carr, he appears in Glory of the Defeated with the task of breaking the balance between life and death in order to tip the balance in death’s favor. After a few trials, his journey eventually took him to seeking a way to sever the chains that linked humanity to salvation, damnation, suspension, and nothingness.

As Dexter Carr, appears in the first volume of Solecism III. 

When Dexter is first introduced, he is seen discussing with the rest of Mirage about their war on Honest, and about how to bring about the coming storm.

Powers and Abilities[]

Victorious Carr is introduced in Glory of Defeated with the capabilities to take on the 7 Trials of Glory - Gods.

Whisper: Carr has the ability to whisper, turning planets the size of Jupiter into ashes in an instant.

Indomitable Will: Carr has shown that his will is so powerful, that he can align all of the planets within the Solar System into a straight line, causing a great eclipse on the planet Earth.,

Vector Shields: Carr has a defense that will activate automatically when his existence is in danger, as such, when a Hypernova Event swept across the Galaxy, only for his defenses to completely redirect the incoming event, negating it from affecting him.

Endscape Snap: Victorious Carr has shown that with a snap of his finger, he can create a Big Bang event that can completely obliterate an infinite Multiverse. He can withstand said event as well.

Dexter Carr is not allowed to showcase his talents in Solecism, but in Heir to the Stars: The Unwritten Chapter VII, he is allowed to showcase his growth.

Suggslogic Presence: Carr is shown to be able to dodge bullet fire from the gun of ζ, a gun that can fire a series of completed infinite shots of compressed anti-existential energy bullets, with each bullet breaking through the barriers of all theories of dimension and causality to strike a target before actuality can become potentiality and vice-versa.

MetaMindscape Manipulation: Carr is able to manipulate the mind on a Pataphysical scale to achieve various effects. When using these abilities, he could fully affect THE ALL, but not beyond it.

  • Dexter Carr can modify and control the thoughts of a target.
  • Dexter Carr can modify and control the mindsets of a target (meaning he can control the realms of the mind of a target).
  • Dexter Carr can modify and control the upper existential mental functions of a target.
  • Dexter Carr can modify and render a target unconscious, suppress the memories of the target, and negate the use of the abilities of the target.
  • Dexter Carr can modify and control a target’s sense of perception.
  • Dexter Carr can create a Bio-Acoustic Disruption, causing the target's “Mind” to falter in perception, distorting the very Mind of said target.