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Dynamis is the second distant series to the Heir to the Stars series. This title was published in 2011, and is technically the second title written by Lionel Suggs.

Dynamis (Content Page)


Yukinori and Mirikka hail from a land of ice near the end of the universe. Yukinori's sister is terribly ill. She is on death's bed and has approximately 23 days left to live. After this, she will fade away into nothingness, having never existed at all. Not a single memory of her will be left. To Yukinori, his sister is his shield. His sister is his pillar of support, and his source of strength. She is also his conscious. Yukinori has been invited to the Dynamis Tournament to fight for supremacy over the universe. Yukinori has entered the tournament for an alternate reason, and that is to find the one who can cure his sister.


  • This story takes place within the Second Floor of the Cosmic Ladder - Breakverse. The very concept of concept itself is on a higher stage. While there exists concepts that can be akin to that within the 1st Floor; there exists too much that is not. All categories and status of zenith have been surpassed. If you have given attention to the cosmic ladder and the rising power scale, the same aspects apply.