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“You’re not strong enough.” Estellise1.jpg

“You’re not strong enough.”
Photo Novel Solecism
Physiology Chaos Irregularity
Height 5'1
Weight 108 lbs.
Eye Color Green
Hair Color Blonde
Age Inapplicable
Birth Date Inapplicable
Birth Place Unknown
Status Existing
Gender Female
Family Christopher Sincere Pride


Love Interests Christopher Sincere Pride


Affiliation Christopher Sincere Pride
Tier Unknown

Estellise is one of the irregularities created out of chaos that appears in the series Solecism. She is one of the eighteen ultimate soulmates of the main protagonist: Christopher Sincere Pride.


Estellise appears in Solecism Part IV, aiding Christopher Sincere Pride and his brother against Amano Blitz. She easily finished off Amano Blitz, where the brothers were completely outmatched. As Sincere opened up his eyes, he could instantly feel that Estellise was synchronized with the 'frequency' of his entire existence. After the battle, she healed the brothers, and introduced herself to them. Although Christopher Sincere Pride did not know of her existence, he discovered that she was one with all of his essence, forming the Ultimate Union of Love. Although he realizes that she was one of his Ultimate Soulmates, the brothers refuse to trust her.

In Book 2 of Part IV, Estellise later appears after the brothers barely defeated those who wield the Ultimate Shields.

In Book 3 of Part IV, Estellise is seen waking up with Sincere, as he was putting on his clothes after a long night with her. However, she started to deconstruct his resolve, stating that he can’t wake anyone up or put anyone to sleep. She expressed to him that he was fighting in a war against enemies that he could not defeat. She explained that he was trying to stop the releasing of the pillars, yet two out of seven had been released. He was walking down a road to defeat, so instead of continuing, she asked for him to just come back into the bed with her. However, Sincere saw through her deception, and revealed that she was one of their enemies. However, after the revelation, Estellise and Sincere are seen working with each other throughout the rest of the book.

In Book 4 of Part IV, Estellise revealed that she had the 1st Theme of God - Chalice of God. She handed it over to Sincere and Lamont to aid them on their journey, although she already expressed that the two had lost.


Estellise is the third irregularity created out of chaos. Her purpose was to release the third light of creation. She is literally a conceptual irregularity created out of Chaos.

Estellise possesses the Animal Realm. This realm is defined by ignorance, and an inability to think for oneself. Life is one-dimensional and survival-oriented, with little free will or choice.

Powers and Abilities[]

Because Estellise is the third irregularity created out of chaos, she possesses unfathomable power.

Stardust Memory: By touching her opponent, she can disperse said target into a mere stardust memory, never to be reconfigured into any form again.

Quantum Gate Access: She is able to jump through Quantum Gates for instant point-to-point transportation.

Enhanced Reaction: Just before Amano Blitz could convert himself into quanta and instantaneously point-to-point travel through use of quantum gates, Estellise caught him by the arm.

Ultimate Soulmate[]

Estellise is one of Christopher Sincere Pride's ultimate soulmates.

Due to Sincere's unique existence, he possesses within him Seven Twin flames. These Seven Twin Flames are literally the other half of his soul. Each twin is a complete soul, not half a soul. This union of two completes each other, making them whole. Each one of Sincere's ultimate soulmates are synchronized with the 'frequency' of his entire existence. They are one with all of his essence. It's the Ultimate Union of Love.

Estellise holds his "Identity", which is something that he removed from himself in order to protect himself.