Euthanasia “Calamity”
Euthanasia “Calamity”
“My name is Euthanasia; though please acknowledge me as Calamity.”
Photo Novel Heir to the Stars
Physiology Massless Particles
Height 5'6
Weight Massless
Eye Color White
Hair Color White
Age Inapplicable
Birth Date Inapplicable
Status Erased
Gender Female
Family Unknown
Love Interests None
Affiliation Asahi
Euthanasia “Calamity” is a character introduced in Heir to the Stars. She is one of the Agents of Hibana; a subgroup of Asahi.


Calamity is part of Asahi, working in their subgroup as one of the Agents of Hibana. In Heir to the Stars, she was one of the presented trials for Chris Spades. In the end, she was defeated when Chris Spades reconfigured the union of Nothing and Possibility, turning it all back to before Creation immemorial and folded it backwards akin to itself, causing it to have never existed at all.

Powers and AbilitiesEdit

Calamity possesses a few abilities that makes her an incredibly dreadful opponent.

Meta-Logic Barrier: Calamity can break through the Logic Barrier, meaning that she can ignore the laws of logic.

Impassable Presence: She possesses an impassable presence.

Absolute Presence: The presence of Calamity was described as not simply absolute, but on a level above it.

Beyond Presence: In an instant, she can strike a target countless above countless of times many magnitudes beyond the necessity of presence.


Calamity uses her spear known as Gungnir as her primary form of offense and defense.

- Gungnir Art 0: This is the ability to command probability and multiply a target's defenses by zero, effectively erasing them.

- Gungnir Art I: When she swings her spear, the wide spread energy that is released from it fuses with the air particles. In that instant, EVENT itself will rewind the target of her choice backwards to before existence immemorial.

- Gungnir Art II: She forms a cross with her spear that instantly appears under her target. In that instant, the target will be within a sealed dimension.

- Gungnir Art III: This will absorb any and all physical, mental, and negative effects of damage done to her.

- Gungnir Art IV: Unrevealed

- Gungnir Art V: Just by looking at her spear, one will instantly be turned into stone and crumble away until not even a spec of dust or particle remains of the target observing the spear.

- Gungnir Art VI: This forms a shield around the user that covers all angles. If an opponent would attack the user or even target the user, then the target would be instantly sealed and trapped within a dimension outside of time and space in which nothing and possibility cannot exist.

- Gungnir Art VII: This ability stops the entire story. This ability makes the user meta-omnipresent. She gains the power to command events and the world seen by the eyes. The book itself could be altered to suit her will, as she would be fully transcendent as the author and character within the book.

- The strike of her spear dissipates and disperses the very conceptual essence of any subject and object it targets, regardless if it hits or misses.

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