Evidence Sworn
Evidence Sworn
“You ask how? Seeing that you have transcended the paratext, I simply took a step higher than you. All of that above... has been ignored."
Photo Novel Rebirthing
Physiology Paracharisma
Height ∀Unreachable
Weight ∀Inapplicable
Eye Color Silver
Hair Color Glass White
Age ∀<818>Inapplicable
Birth Date ∀Inapplicable
Status ∀Impassable
Gender 天Feminine Principle
Family None
Love Interests Unknown
Affiliation None

Evidence Sworn is a paracharisma that appears in the Rebirthing series. She is the Ninth Mark.

History Edit

Due to the increasing fluctuations of self-present paracharismas within the Suggsverse Cosmic Hierarchy, it was deemed necessary to establish an ensemble that would rid those that are collapsing the cosmic ladder.

In Book 2, The Song of Illdaunt appeared to take out the Ninth Mark of the New Archives: Evidence. Abyss the Ascendant made her appearance, holding the entirety of Suggsverse within her hand. After a discussion with a comrade, as well as showcasing her power over Suggsverse, she confronted Evidence. Although Evidence questioned why Abyss the Ascendant was after her, she was aware of what she had done. The battle commenced and ended in the same unchanging metamoment, with Evidence dominantly winning.

Rebellion Edit

Rebellion: Evidence is a Top Tier Mark, assigned this class after the collapse of the Suggsverse. Evidence is responsible for felling one of the Seven Shadows of The Ace of Spades. The presence of Evidence is a dominating contradiction, as she has ‘fell’ The Ace of Spades and collapsed The [True] Art Gallery at one point and another. Through consistency and elaboration of rest, she collapses the ⦓♠ die Asche⦔.

Relationship Edit

To be written...

Powers and Abilities Edit

  • Unbounded Presence: Evidence is able to transcend the paratext of all Suggsverse titles, even being able to take a step higher than that.
  • Unbounded Story OmniMatriarch: Evidence is able to simply ignore everything that can be written, and transcend it. An entire fight in which she was within was simply removed because she decreed it was never written.
  • Unbounded Principality: Evidence is able to remove anything from Suggsverse from canon material.
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