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“Is that supposed to be your introduction?” [[File:{{{image 2}}}|210px|]]

“Is that supposed to be your introduction?”
Photo Novel Praé
Physiology Unknown
Height 5'2
Weight 110 lbs.
Eye Color Brown
Hair Color Black
Age Unknown
Birth Date Unknown
Birth Place Unknown
Status She's around somewhere...
Gender Female
Family None
Love Interests None
Affiliation Praé, Hope
Tier Unknown

Faith is one of the friends of Praé, introduced in Praé.


Faith was introduced in Praé, as an opponent of Stefania Dobre. She was asked by Praé to retrieve one of the Books of the Moon from a member of Zangetsu. Stefania was not pleased with the progress of her fallen comrades, believing them to be extremely pathetic. She believed that each one of them fell easily, embarrassing Zangetsu. Stefania’s mind was elsewhere throughout most of the battle, and not concerned with the battle before her. She was playing around with her powers to see if the seal on her powers had been released yet. Although none of Stefania's effects were affecting Faith, Faith could not even begin to make Stefania worry. However, just when Stefania's seal was finally broken, the Snowflake and the Sun appeared to remove Stefania from the story.

Powers and Abilities[]

Faith's abilities aren't widely shown in her part of the story.

Divine Intervention: Faith can tap into the Divine Ground in order to unleash a massive, omnidirectional surge of pure energy from the Divine Ground to convert a target into a state of nil.

Absolute Defense: Unconsciously, a defensive spell can be initiated from Faith. By synchronizing with all of existence, she is able to generate an absolute defense around her. It negates all damage and negative effects done to her.

The White Tiger and the Sun: It is a ‘sealed’ ability. By mentally unlocking this seal, Faith obtained the natural ability to manipulate the Omniversal wave function, which is the wave function of the totality of existence.