“He seems more interesting than the chick that he’s with.”
Photo Novel The Final Story
Physiology Cradle
Height 5'9
Weight 192 lbs.
Eye Color Crimson
Hair Color Green
Age Unknown
Birth Date Unknown
Status Existing and Nonexisting
Gender Male
Family Unknown
Love Interests Unknown
Affiliation The White Emperors

Glenn is a Cradle that appears in the title The Final Story. He is a member of the White Emperors.


In the Final Story, Glenn is introduced alongside Asimov. After observing Hydra and Shanmate, he deduces that Hydra seems more interesting than his girl. Seeking to test his theory, he confronts Shanmate.

Powers and AbilitiesEdit

Glenn is a character that has an existence that equates to Primum movens.

  • Glenn is able to hide behind the walls of time and space.
  • Glenn is able to operate from behind the dimensionality of a target's existence, grabbing their soul, and pulling it right out of their existential structure. After this, he mentally metaphysically deconstructed the target's very soul into a zero point.
  • Glenn is able to place his hand on a target's essence, erasing their time and memory.
  • Glenn is able to operate before potentiality can become actuality. He operates at a level beyond the necessity of change and presence.
  • Absolute Existence: Shanmate resonated with Glenn's trans-existence, creating a trans-nullifying equation that multiplied the existence and nonexistence of Glenn by zero, metaphysically universally irreversibly erasing Glenn. In that moment, Glenn removed himself from all metaphysical influence, and multidimensional interference. In other words, he now existed outside of higher-dimensional space, outside of his own existence.
  • Self-Anchorage: During a moment where Shanmate unconsciously multiplied the will and actions of Glenn by zero, resetting the event; Glenn stepped outside of his own actions and will, removing himself from reality, granting him immunity to everything.
  • Fissure: By placing his hand on the very consciousness of his target, he can create a metaphysical fissure within it.
  • Dimension Manipulation: Glenn is able to pull an existence into an upper dimension, destroying the rules of that reality, allowing him to create his own false reality.
  • Grand Principle Multiplication: Glenn is able to multiply the union of a target’s possibilities and nothingness – the Grand Principle of their Creation by a factor of 0 outside of zero.
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