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Grace Masters
“You are definitely a man after my own battleheart. You attack to eliminate first, and then you ask questions. I think I’m falling in-love!” [[File:{{{image 2}}}|210px|]]

“You are definitely a man after my own battleheart. You attack to eliminate first, and then you ask questions. I think I’m falling in-love!”
Photo Novel Solecism,

Heir to the Stars: The Unwritten Chapters

Physiology Pataphysical Impossibility
Height Pataphysical Impossibility (appears 6'9)
Weight Pataphysical Impossibility (appears 240 lbs.)
Eye Color Appears Nightmare Red
Hair Color Appears Crimson
Age Pataphysical Impossibility
Birth Date Pataphysical Impossibility
Birth Place Unknown
Status Pataphysical Impossibility
Gender Pataphysical Impossibility
Family Pataphysical Impossibility
Love Interests Pataphysical Impossibility
Affiliation God's Will
Tier Unknown

Grace Masters is a member of God's Will that appears in Solecism, and then later in Heir to the Stars: The Unwritten Chapters.


Grace Masters is a patacharacter that first appears in Solecism.

In Heir to the Stars: The Unwritten Chapters, he reappears with God's Will. He appears to stop the Birthday of Nothing and All Possibility. After the fall of Punishment, Grace Masters confronts Lucrezia Bella Evangeline and Christopher Sincere Pride in order to succeed where his comrade had failed. As the battle continued, Lucrezia Bella Evangeline commented on his nature, "This being… Grace Masters… He doesn’t even have the limit of his own 'meaning'. There is no existence that he is bound by. Possibilities and Nothingness are below him."

Powers and Abilities[]

Grace Masters is patacharacter that exists beyond the necessity of the author of Suggsverse.

Pataphysical Omniscience: Grace Masters possesses a level beyond Meta-Omniscience.

Pataphysical Omnipresence: Grace Masters possesses a level beyond Meta-Omnipresence.

Pataphysical Omnipotence: Grace Masters possesses a level beyond Meta-Omnipotence.

Nothingness Manipulation: Grace Masters favors the use of Nothingness, being able to force Nothingness to pull his targets within it.

Trans-Quantization: Grace Masters is able to trans-quantify the absolute perfection of a target's nature, analyzing its complete pataphysical existence and nonexistence, creating a formula to target all attributes of said target.

Gentle Fist: Garce Masters gently places his palm in his target's face, igniting a flash of energy that sweeps across a Cardinality, permanently unmaking the absolute existence of everything within his range.

Striking Gentle Fist: Grace Masters, whom had just transcended many degrees of levels beyond omnipresence, enters into a level beyond the necessity of potentiality and actuality, placing his right hand to his side and forms an emerald energy sphere. Then, he brings his hand forward, firing an emerald energy wave at his target multiplying their trans-conceptual existence by many degrees of below Absolute 0, outside of Nothingness and All Possibility.

Gentle Point: Grace Masters can point at a target, firing a pulse that shatters the very metaphysical and pataphysical conceptual existence and nonexistence of a target.

God's Will[]

  • Grace Masters stands before all targets, possessing every power that could be conceived in the Nothing and All; a total collection of totalities.
  • Grace Masters possesses powers that are immune to all alterations.
  • Grace Masters is beyond the actuality of the ultimate levels of strength, presence, intellect, etc.
  • Grace Masters is beyond possessing total control over his own existence.
  • Grace Masters possesses ultimate and total control, influence and possibility of all forces.
  • Grace Masters can control Absolute Probability. In fact, he is beyond the actuality and potentiality of all possibilities.
  • Grace Masters possesses complete control of all boundaries, and stands outside of all boundaries.
  • Grace Masters is able to create, manipulate, and/or erase all Concepts by just existing. Grace Masters fully encompasses the cycles of existence (creation, existence, destruction).
  • Grace Masters is in full control of the page of the story he exists/not exists in, as Grace Masters is absolutely invincible; possessing an existence that could not be stopped or reversed.
  • On a scale of 0 to the absolute infinite, Grace Masters is beyond the necessity, attributes, and categories of true omnipotence.
  • Regardless of the limitations of the story, totality, ultimate ensemble, reality, timeline, dimension, plane, (alternate, micro, virtual, or pocket), realm; attributes, modes, or forms of nonexistence and existence ever mentioned or seen (and the infinite multiplicity amount never mentioned or seen or even conceived of yet…), Grace Masters is (personally, transpersonally, and impersonally) beyond the necessity of Omnipotence, Omnipresence, Omniscience, Omnificent, Omniarch, Omnicompetent, Omnifarious and Omnilock (within every fiction, nonfiction, transfiction, meta-fiction, fan fiction, personal fiction, and impersonal fiction).
  • Grace Masters is magnitudes and levels beyond all-encompassing in power.
  • In every form of history, meta-history, personal history, impersonal history, levels of infinity, and beyond All, The All, and THE ALL (meta-truth), Grace Masters has been shown to have full all-encompassing power over everything that has been created in the fictional, non-fictional, meta-fictional, trans-fictional, fan-fictional, personal fictional, and impersonal fictional realities (that anyone, everyone, and no one knows about).
  • Grace Masters has fully quantified all absolute infinite multiplicities.
  • Grace Masters is by definition the written, artistic, and full description a character with beyond total infinite power, possessing an infinite amount of feats and beyond.
  • Grace Masters is the absolute description of being able to do absolutely everything from before the alpha to after the omega to the most infinitesimal Pure Act.
  • Grace Masters is the description of ‘All’ actions; all “Acts.