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Guidepost to Tomorrow is a series of short stories, with events taking place during the same time as Solecism. This title was written and published in 2012 by Lionel Suggs.

Guidepost to Tomorrow (Content Page)


August is a 19 year old college student who led a very uneventful life. However, he pulls back the winds of change of a Universal Irreversibile event, by saving a little girl who wasn't meant to be saved under any theory of possibility. At this point, the three Fates smile upon him. Unfortunately, due to this actions, he has forced a new history to appear - a history not written by the hands of Destiny.

In a world where options and free will are illusions, August will now have to travel the world of Capax Infiniti, testing the waters of potentiality and actuality.

The Story (spoilers)[]

To be written...