"This play has only one lead role, and that is me."
Photo Novel Heir to the Stars II
Physiology Dream
Height 6'0
Weight 195 lbs.
Eye Color Gold
Hair Color White
Age Inapplicable
Birth Date Inapplicable
Status Erased
Gender Male
Family Inapplicable
Love Interests None
Affiliation None
Hauptstimme "The Emperor" is a dream that exists on the Incognito planet. He is a character from Heir to the Stars II, and he is an extremely powerful being, possessing Omniversal influence.


Hauptstimme appeared after the defeat of Rhythm, forcing her planet to vanish with the mere snap of his finger. He ordered Waltz to follow, which lead the two to planet Incognita. The Emperor handed Waltz 'Virya', the fifth ring of Auspicious Qualities. Soon, after observing all timelines from all realities at once, the Emperor tossed Waltz the Tejas, the sixth ring of Auspicious Qualities. He wanted Waltz to stop the coming end as well, which is why he decided to help him.

Legato made in his first appearance in the presence of Waltz and Hauptstimme, stating that The Emperor was nothing but a pawn in this little game. He transmuted the entirety of planet Incognita into nothingness. As a form of retaliation, The Emperor denied Legato's planet from ever existing. Legato explained that he need the rings, but The Emperor explained to him that his existence would never be justified. Since Legato is a Law, that classified him with a race of divine beings that manipulates the rules of reality, but The Emperor saw him and his entire race as an insult to his existence. Legato explained that The Emperor was merely a dream. He did not exist because he was only a dream in the material world. His existence could not be justified. The Emperor replied, stating that his existence is necessary. The world needs an emperor. That is why I stood now. He saw Legato as a broken man without purpose, "Power without purpose is meaningless. Law without purpose is unjustifiable!" Sensing the tension, Waltz quickly played a song that folded space-time and sent all of them into another universe entirely.

Soon, a battle between Legato and Hauptstimme was fought that shook the entire foundation of the Omniverse. Legato broke the physical law that Omnipotent: Everything in the universe must comply with them. He then proceeded to break the physical law that True: Nothing contradicts it. Next, he broke the physical law that Absolute: Nothing in the universe appears to affect them. Legato then transmuted (the Supreme Omnipotent being) Para Brahman of the Hindu faith from existing as The All to never existing at all. In a chain reaction, the ensemble (a level of reality that encompasses an infinite amount of sets of Metaverses, which houses all infinite sets of infinite Multiverses, realities, and dimensions) was also erased from ever existing. Soon, Legato snapped his finger as the entire infinite ensemble (a level of reality that is infinitely infinite and houses an infinitely infinite amount of sets of all Exaverses) was easily and instantly erased into less than 0. Both fighters stood unaffected by the results of the fight, and decided to take it up a notch.

The Omniverse was eventually erased, leaving only these two. Legato eventually realized his purpose, "With the power to even slay the creator, sustainer, destroyer, and the Divine Ground above The All; I am here to reign as the Emperor over all!” However, Hauptstimme did not think that two emperors should be allowed, and decided to silence him. All of a sudden, Hauptstimme and Legato appeared within a completely different Omniverse that Legato had shaped with his will. With his will, he created the infinite and the endless. He created all modes of existence. He created the union of Nothing and All Possibility. He created all actualities and all possibilities. Before any system of change could process, 4.99/5ths of the Allscape was completely erased by the might of Hauptstimme and Legato. This lead to Father making his appearance, and removing both of them from the story.

Powers and AbilitiesEdit

Hauptstimme is an extremely powerful character, easily possessing Omniversal influence.

Omni-temporal Observing: Hauptstimme can observe all timelines from all realities at once.

Reality Absorption/Reality Collapse/Reality Division: Hauptstimme can absorb countless of realities, collapse countless of universes and divide other universes all at once.

Omnipresence: Hauptstimme can instantly manifest in multiple timelines, spaces, and dimensions all at once (without ever moving). He even traveled from the beginning of Infinity to the End of Infinity before the conception of time could process. In fact, before any system of time could process, Hauptstimme had circled the entirety of the absolute infinite Omniverse this amount of times.

Quantum Manipulation/Reality Manipulation: Hauptstimme can manipulate quantum realities and choose which things did and did not exist.

Quantum Teleportation: Hauptstimme can teleport himself, universes, dimensions, and timelines from other realms to different realms (without ever moving).

Time Travel: Hauptstimme can easily travel through time and almost all possible quantum events (without ever moving).

Event Manipulation: Hauptstimme has the power to manipulate the quantum laws and events of the Omniverse.

  • In fact, he did all of the above at once, at the same moment.

Absolute Defense

* He can easily live in excess temperatures of Absolute Zero.

  • He can survive the end of any reality, flawlessly.
  • Hauptstimme stepped out of the system that was less than absolute nothingness.

Space-time Teleportation: Hauptstimme can reshaped the space-time that a target in, sending the target to the vanishing point of all time and space.

Enhanced Strength: Before an instant could process, Hauptstimme and Legato had delivered a centillion-googolplex amount of punches. Each one of those attacks individually unmade the existence of an infinite Exaverse, due to the relativistic effects of their infinite massless punches reaching beyond infinity.

Physical Law Manipulation: Hauptstimme changed physical law so that only his truths were absolute. 

Metaphysical Link: Hauptstimme is able to link his mind with all timelines in all realities in the infinite at once. He can erase all of quantum reality, making it that all events did not exist. He can teleport a specific dimension into another Omniverse entirely. Hauptstimme even made it that everything in the Omniverse disappeared into nothingness. When this happened, everything faded into black.

Transcendence: Hauptstimme can literally stepped out of his own End, and step outside of the Omniverse.

Sneeze: Although not intentionally, there was a moment where Hauptstimme accidentally annihilated a neighboring infinite Omniverse with his sneeze.

There Can Only Be One: Hauptstimme mentally recreated the absolute infinite; the Omniverse (after accidently annihilating it). Then, he stripped it of all Omnipotents. There could only be one Emperor…

Supreme Might: Before any system of change could process, 4.99/5ths of the Allscape was completely erased by the might of Hauptstimme and Legato.


Hauptstimme is merely a dream. He does not exist because he is only a dream in the material world. He has no life-force, no soul, no mind, no timeline, and no existence. Legato expressed that Hauptstimme possessed an existence that could not be justified.

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