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Heir to the Stars is the first volume to the Heir to the Stars series. This title was published in 2011, and is the first story written by Lionel Suggs.

Heir to the Stars (Content Page)


What are the limits of power? The Royal Flush have all been gathered to play a game to not only determine the limits of all power, but to find an heir to the Absolute Infinity. Journey with the Suits through the infinite Omniverse and beyond in order to discover the limits of power...

The Story (spoilers)[]

To be written. there is infinite timelines in local multiverse which creates new universes for each multiverse because there are infinite amounts of multiverse within the local multiverse so each multiverse or local universes has infinite amount of universe in them. which follows the m theory rule and our wave function as well containing infinite amount of dimensions but aside the m theory thing which is hard to find more scans other than the one i referenced earlier we have something called the crossroads of infinity which contains infinite amount of dimensions now the crossroads actually contains two main things which is the negative zone and the positive zone or the positive multiverse i mean it does contain a lot more other things which will be brought up but these are the main things right the positive multiverse is what i just briefly explained the negative zone is the opposite of that in terms of matter energy it just contains anti-matter but it is equal and opposite to the positive multiverse the positive multiverse contains infinite multiverse each multiverse contains infinite universes created from timelines and each universe contains infinite dimensions now each universe containing infinite dimensions is likely not the case but could be the reasoning for this is this know that each multiverse has infinite universe because of infinite timelines.