“You should have hoped for a different opponent other than me.”
Photo Novel Praé
Physiology Unknown
Height 5'6
Weight 118 lbs.
Eye Color Green
Hair Color Red
Age Unknown
Birth Date Unknown
Status She's wandering around somewhere...
Gender Female
Family Unknown
Love Interests Unknown
Affiliation Praé, Faith

Hope is a Transpoter in the novel Praé.


Hope was introduced when she delivered her friend Praé one of the Books of the Moon. It can be deduced that she was asked to transport that particular book to Praé. Later on, we see what happened before the prior event, when Hope confronted Karin Justice. Not knowing what Praé looked like, Karin thought her challenger could be Praé, but it was not. She instantly wasted no time in trying to subdue her opponent, only to be outclassed greatly. In the end, Karin's immortality was bypassed by a power outside of the Omniverse, which silently ended her chapter.

After the battle, Hope asked The Chaos Queen to step out of hiding, realizing that she had been watching her for a while. The Chaos Queen revealed that Karin Justice had only utilized a mere fraction of her powers, and that she had a seal on her powers, which made it that she was only allowed to use 0.001% of her power. Hope asked if they could win the coming battles, and The Chaos Queen wondered if she even wanted to win?

Powers and AbilitiesEdit

Hope is an extremely powerful warrior, with an arsenal of absolute offensive and defensive skills.

Material Bow Gun: By force of will, Hope is able to generate a material bow gun. When she starts shooting arrows from it, the arrows move at a level beyond the necessity of speed to strike her target at every conceivable and implausible angle.

Quantum Conversion: Hope can dissipate and disperse the molecules of a target, effectively erasing her from existence.

Divine Intervention: Hope can tap into the Divine Ground in order to unleash a massive, omnidirectional blast of pure energy from the Divine Ground to convert higher dimensional abstract beings into a state less than zero.

Absolute Resistance: Her consciousness, soul and temporal existence are completely protected from any negative effects.

  • She can negate the effects of time.
  • She can negate the effects of psionic phenomena.

Absolute Immunity: Hope is immune to any form of magnitude of attack.

  • Hope stood completely immune to the magnitude of the explosion of the infinite amounts of sets of Ultimate Ensembles

Return to Zero: Hope has the unconscious ability to turn anything, including her opponent's attack and willpower, back to the state of "zero". All "conceivable" actions created by an opponent will be reset (back to point zero). This ability is automatic and will activate whenever she is in danger, protecting her involuntarily.

The Bloody Sparrow and the Sun: It is a ‘sealed’ ability. By mentally unlocking this seal, Hope obtains the natural ability to manipulate the Omniversal wave function, which is the wave function of the totality of existence.

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