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Hope Vanity
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“I prefer to call it skill…”
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“I prefer to call it skill…”
Photo Novel Solecism
Physiology Quantum Irregularity
Height 5'1
Weight 110 lbs.
Eye Color Brown
Hair Color None
Age 4
Birth Date Inapplicable
Birth Place Unknown
Status Existent and Nonexistent
Gender Male
Family Angelica Heavensend (Mom),

Lamont Vanity (Father),

Nebuchadnezzar Pride (Cousin),

Aaliyah Cecillia Pride (Cousin)

Christopher Sincere Pride (Uncle)

Love Interests None
Affiliation Uniform II
Tier Unknown

Hope Vanity is the son of Lamont Heartfelt Vanity and Angelica Heavensend that first appears in the series Solecism. Hope is a member of Uniform II.


Hope Vanity makes his first appearance as one of the main characters of the first volume of Solecism II.

10 years have passed since Sincere and Lamont fell asleep, completely becoming unreachable. The year is 9426 A.A. (After Advent) in the Rainbow Memories Calendar. Sincere and Lamont are outside of all modes of existences and all modes of nonexistence. Nebuchadnezzar and Hope decided to search for their fathers against all warnings.

Powers and Abilities

Enhanced Senses: Hope could hear clapping from mega-light years away.

Enhanced Reactions: When Tru slashed through all 11 Dimensions at once, Hope caught the axe before it could slash him in half.

Ultimate Presence: During an event in volume II, he started to walk up the stairs, but little did he know, each step was an infinity that transcended the transfinite numbers. Systematically, he was crossing an absolute (completed) infinity as if each step was relative to him.

Creation: When Hope opened up his hand, he generated an entire micro cosmological structure within his palm.
In fact, it was an entire cosmic structure, holding an infinite amount of Metaverses, with each Metaverse housing an absolute infinite (completed) amount of transfinite Universes with infinite dimensions. Every possibility and impossibility existed within his hand in some form in other Universes.

Destruction: Because Hope can generate so much energy at once, he is unable to contain creation, thus causing it to disperse into nothing but stardust.

Mind: Hope's mind can create a space outside dimensions. His mind is linked with one of the infinite phases of The All, caused by a variation in the angle of the consciousness-plane which continuously stretches it.

Quantum Afterimage: His quantum jumping is so great, that he leaves behind quantum afterimages.

Quantum Immortality: Due to quantum effects, Hope can die and still be alive at the same time.

Self-Matter and Energy Manipulation: Hope is able to control his own subatomic structure. Even when his mind and soul were devoured, he remained unaffected.

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