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“It’s a pleasure to stand in your presence once again, Lionel.” [[File:{{{image 2}}}|210px|]]

“It’s a pleasure to stand in your presence once again, Lionel.”
Photo Novel Pharos of the End,


Physiology Ultimately Inapplicable
Height Ultimately Inapplicable
Weight Ultimately Inapplicable
Eye Color Ultimately Inapplicable
Hair Color Ultimately Inapplicable
Age Ultimately Inapplicable
Birth Date Ultimately Inapplicable
Birth Place Unknown
Status Ultimately Inapplicable
Gender Ultimately Inapplicable (Appears Female)
Family Ultimately Inapplicable
Love Interests Ultimately Inapplicable
Affiliation Ultimately Inapplicable
Tier Unknown

Izanami is a character that appears in the Suggsverse at various points, but makes a dominating appearance in Pharos of the End. She is one of the top tier characters--most powerful characters within any Suggsverse titles.


Izanami makes her first appearance in Solecism, reviving Christopher Sincere Pride.

Izanami appears once again in Pharos of the End (6), appearing within the Reflection of the Moon. It is revealed that she is the one that guided Chris Storm back to Lorelei Amidala. After Izanagi reveals that he is searching for the key to unlocking one of the Grand Pieces; soon, it decided among to the two to go confront the Silver Devil, in order to unlock one of the Grand Pieces. Soon after finding the Silver Devil, many revelations come to light, but before the Silver Devil could act, he was defeated by Izanami.

In Pharos of the End II (2), Izanami appears alongside Izanagi, upset about the actions against the mirrors.

In Pharos of the End II (3), Izanagi and Izanami confronts the former King and Queen of Creation within The Art Gallery, as the story was drawing into the 3rd Act.

Powers and Abilities

Izanami is a top tier character within and outside of any Suggsverse title.

Story Manipulation: All events within the story are under her subjugation. This is an impersonal, transpersonal, and personal ability. She is the fully transcendent author within and outside of the story.

Retroactive Continuity: Without using her will, Izanami was shown to be able to reconstruct Christopher Sincere Pride, completely building him from a stardust memory, into that of a sleeping human frame. She literally bypassed all aspects about himself.