“I want to face the little girl!”
Photo Novel Dynamis
Physiology Immaterial
Height 6'1
Weight Inapplicable
Eye Color Unknown
Hair Color White
Age Unknown
Birth Date Unknown
Status Sealed
Gender Male
Family Deceased
Love Interests Deceased
Affiliation None
Izayoitenbu is a character that appears in Heir to the Stars series: Dynamis.


Izayoitenbu makes his appearance in Chapter 1, but only briefly. He appears in Chapter 2, challenging the sister of Yukinori Fubuki. Instead, he is challenged by the Witch Queen.

Izayoitenbu is a representative of New Earth. He is formerly a member of the Empire's special order of knights. After the death of his family by his own comrades, he left the knights to find himself. He became a broken man in a shattered world. On the verge of demise, Death itself offered him a deal. Death told him that it could easily bring back his family, but if he was God, then he could do it himself. He could establish justice with his own words. This is why he joined the tournament.

Powers and AbilitiesEdit

Izayoitenbu is a character that exists as an Immaterial Existence. The rest of his abilities and powers are unknown.

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