Jason Cain
Jason Cain
“You should simply walk away now. You have no hope of defeating me.”
Photo Novel All-World
Physiology Metahuman
Height 6'1
Weight 169 lbs.
Eye Color Hazel
Hair Color Red
Age 23
Birth Date Unknown
Status Exists
Gender Male
Family Unknown
Love Interests None
Affiliation The Apostles
Jason Cain is a young man that appears in the All-World series. He is a member of The Apostles.


In Book 1, Jason Cain appears during an unpleasant conversation between Cire Lostsanctum and Enoch. Jain explained that he was here for the "Table of Contents." He was after Enoch. However, after Cire questioned what it was, a battle between the two erupted. Midway through the battle, Jason stopped and questioned why he was protecting Enoch. Cire denied protecting her and stated that he was only fighting him because Jason attacked him first. Eventually, Jason's motives were made clear. He wanted Enoch because she possessed the Table of Contents. He stated that "We are going to recreate the entirety of Existence." After the explanation, Cire decided to protect Enoch and continue the fight with Jason. However, he stopped the fight the two were having, after looking over the horizon. He apologized, stating that he must make his exist, but not before telling Enoch that he would return for her. After that, he nonchalantly walked away, dispersing into nothingness.

In Book 2, when Enoch became ill, William de Immanence and Jason Cain appeared before the group to explain the issue, and demanded that she came with them so they could take care of her. Cire Lostsanctum denied their request and attacked them. Cire was effortlessly defeated by William de Immanence. However, Enoch erupted with a surge of energy that made the two Apostles flee. Later, Lilah Ambercrest goes searching for Jason Cain, only for him to find her first. As the two began to battle, although it was an even match at first, Lilah proved to be too much for the Apostle. She forced him to utilize his best offense and defense, only for her to easily defeat him. However, he was able to escape Nonexistence and Oblivion.

Powers and AbilitiesEdit

(Book 1)


Enhanced Speed: In Book 1, Jason Cain is able to keep up with Cire Lostsanctum, a man who can easily dodge 200 lightning bolts each, with each one traveling at a speed of 93,000 miles per second. And even after Cire revealed more of his speed, Jason was able to keep up perfectly with him.

Enhanced Durability: Jason Cain is able to survive energy attacks that strike on a subatomic level.

Deck of 54 Heavens: Jason Cain's abilities comes from his reliance on a deck of 54 Poker cards.

2 of Spades: The night sky covers in a large vast blanket of clouds. By drawing the 2 of Spades, he uses it as an electric conductor, pulling down 200 natural leader lightning bolts from the sky, each travelling at a speed of 93,000 miles per second, to attack his target. The storm of lighting leveled an entire city block, completely atomizing it. There was nothing but a crater that was 13 km deep.

Paradise Lost within Clubs: Jason Cain turns the Ace of Clubs into thin rays of lightning. The lightning rays rain down onto his target at the velocity of 93,000 miles per second.

Nova: Jason can mentally turn the Ace of Hearts into a huge sphere of concentrated plasma. The plasma generates into the form of eighteen micro sized balls. Jason mentally can fire the plasma balls onto his target, targeting the opponent on the spiritual level. The spheres exist on a temperature of ~5×106^6 K.

Lightning’s Judgment: Lightning surrounds his target, coming from giant plasma balls. Jason then mentally supercharges the plasma balls with electricity for them to rain down lightning with immeasurable energy at near luminal speeds. The 20,000 lightning bolts all attacks on an atomic level.

Lightning God: Jason infuses his own spiritual energy into the King of Hearts card, rather than invoking a regular ritual in order to transform his essence into pure electrons. He becomes a walking surging engine of pure infinite energy.

  • Temporal Clone: Jason Cain accelerates at super close luminal speeds. Through this, he is able to create a temporal clone which can strike with a punch of infinite mass.
  • Intangibility
  • Lightning Manipulation: Jason Cain can fire a massive stream of lightning at his target. When this attack was canceled out, it created a hypersonic vibrating shockwave that atomized all 20,000 km2 the surrounding area.
  • Regeneration: Cire Lostsanctum exploded with burst of chakra, covering 55,000,000 km2 in diameter with his burst of energy, dispersing Jason Cain’s reality, only for Jason to instantly form back together from less than particles.

Ace in the Storm: By drawing the Ace of Spades, Jason Cain generates a dimension of pure electrical energy. The dimension of pure electrical energy encases over 700 large cities, thus making everything that existed within the dimension to immediately cease to exist.

Joker (little): By drawing the (little) Joker card, Jason Cain demonstrates his ability to cut through the dimensional fabric and Euclidean space. When Jason Cain attacked Cire, he left rips in the dimension. With each strike, he was able to cut through space to instantly attack Cire. With exactly 1 million distinct electrical attacks in a single attosecond aimed at Cire, Jason left exactly 1 million rips within the dimensional fabric.

The Joker (big): This is Jason Cain’s trump card. By having this card in his deck, it activates as an automatic barrier independent of Jason’s will. This card activates upon impending danger towards Jason. It moves in the Planck Epoch and converts all incoming phenomena into zero, thus negating the phenomena. If the attack is nonphysical, Jason will be surrounded by a dimensional mirror fabric that reverses the effect back onto the user.

(Book 2)

Transcendence: Jason Cain obtained a level beyond the necessity of speed, becoming virtually omnipresent within the immediate area of 510,072,000 km². When he did this, Jason Cain stood before Lilah, yet he was already beside her in all places, in all aspects.

Ex. Lightning Manipulation: He can point to the sky, causing extra-dimensional lightning from outside of time and space to immanently, transcendently, unconceptually, and omnipresently strike his target on an infinite level, ultimately unmaking their entire existence on all levels and planes of reality.

Lightning God: He infuses his own spiritual energy into the King of Hearts card, rather than invoking a regular ritual in order to transform his essence into pure electrons. He then becomes a walking surging engine of pure infinite energy, due to binding his concept with the concept of the actual infinity.

  • Lightning Manipulation: He is able to mentally call down 20,000 lightning bolts that traverses time and space to instantly attack the target from all angles and all dimensions on the physical, astral, and spiritual level.
  • Disperse: Jason Cain can easily disperse his particles over a distance of 149,000,000 km² to avoid an attack.

Joker (big): By having this card (Joker) in his deck, this automatic barrier activated independent of Jason’s will. It moved in the Planck time, surrounding Jason with a dimensional mirror fabric that reversed the effect back onto the user.

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